Best Google Search Engine Optimization Programs

Mandira Banerjea, Staff Writer

Date: 11-Aug-2010


  Google search engine optimization strategies are used for improving volume and quality of web traffic through organic or algorithm search results. This approach is quite different from search engine marketing that deals in paid hits. Normally, the higher the website’s search engine ranking the greater is the number of visitors it would receive from search engines. Google search engine optimization targets a variety of searches that are inclusive of image search, local search as well as industry specific search. This type of optimization results in a dynamic web presence.


Search engine optimization is an Internet marketing strategy that covers all the major aspects that web visitors are searching for during surfing. Identifying these objectives result in top search engine placement. For optimizing a website’s presence in search engines it is necessary to edit the web content and HTML along with associated coding. These steps on implementation by Google search engine optimization techniques increase the relevance of specific keywords and remove barriers to the indexing activities of search engine. As effective SEO requires changes to the HTML source code of any website. It is advisable to incorporate Google search engine optimization techniques during website design and development. They ensure guaranteed search engine positioning.


All pay per click search engines are ranked by the bid price the client is willing to disburse. However, in this context Google takes into account the content relevance and prefers those with a higher click through rates. The client is permitted to create numerous Ad campaigns, segregate the Ads into specific keyword clusters and bid on as many keywords as their budget allows. By measuring the on-line response to a product, Google obtains key data that helps the search engines to improve the results being returned to the clients. “Web History Tool” is available to users of Google search. By using this tool, Google collects information about the sites visited by on-line web traffic and uses this data to generate a better response to people’s queries. Some main points for consideration are:


  • The ability “Web History Tool” offers clients to manage their web activity and search across the file text of the pages inclusive of Google searches, web pages, images and news stories.


  • Obtain search results that are more personalized and based on the client’s search on Google and other sites they have visited.


  • Generate reports on trends and web activities, the number of searches conducted at what time of the day and the sites that are most frequently visited.


To assure better results to users, Google search engine optimization techniques are implemented that show the most relevant search results after undergoing a series of complex ranking algorithm tools. By 2004, Google ranked partner websites by using over 200 different signals. In the year 2005 personalized search results for each user was introduced by Google. The leading search engines, like Google and Yahoo, make use of crawlers to identify web pages during algorithm search results. Search engine crawlers make use of different factors when crawling sites. Other methods are also employed to display web pages in search results like the cross link, URL normalization of web pages, writing relevant content and the usage of frequently searched keyword phrases.


Google search engine optimization techniques are employed by all leading search engines for targeting niche markets and at the same time ensure that a client’s web pages are accessible by all leading search engines.  These techniques are classified as recommended guidelines offering good techniques while some SEO techniques are not supported by search engines. They have been widely classified as “white hat SEO” and “black hat SEO”. “White hats” tend to produce long lasting results and are approved by Google search engine optimization practitioners while the ‘black hat” techniques are practiced by devious SEO practitioners and the websites using these techniques would probably be debarred from being indexed by search engines.

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