Best Pay Per Click Advertising on Search Engines for Effective Ad.

Mandira Banerjea, Staff Writer,

Nowadays, pay per click advertising remains one of the most effective and speedy methods of on-line business promotion. It is believed by expert marketing professionals that this pattern would continue and strengthen with the passage of time. According to market research reviews, an astounding growth rate of 37% annually is forecast and few predict that paid search sales would definitely fetch the U.S. market around USD $14 billion. The traditional methods of print and electronic media is losing its market share as on-line marketing, especially pay per click advertising, is steadily capturing their exclusive arena. However, care has to be taken by the unwary advertisers that they are not cheated while displaying their ads in the paid search marketing spots.


Advertisers have found pay per click advertising very simple and highly informative. They can control their ad campaign and simultaneously receive a better feed-back on their performance. With the increasing growth of on-line marketing activities, advertisers find effective pay per click ad to be highly result oriented. It has also been noticed that the chief executive officers of leading organizations have mastered the art of writing their own corporate pay per click ad campaigns for optimum results. Advertisers are advised to develop a strategy when contemplating using a pay per click ad campaign so as to optimize their effectiveness.


Do not contaminate the content. The point that advertisers should remember is that however tempted they might be, they should not cover a secondary subject on the same page. This reduces the relevancy of the page when someone searches for any specific core content. Let Google do their job of bringing the best information to the results page. It is up to Google to evolve rules so as to bring a client’s to its rightful place in their search rankings. Thus, a site dedicated to the subject a web user searches for will always be rated better than a site covering a wide range of information.


It has become vitally important before implementation to have a well planned and managed pay per click advertising campaign lest it may result in drainage of substantial amount of corporate fund. The most important aspect of this advertising technique is that it speedily reaches the targeted market and guarantees high quality sales. But one of its drawbacks is that this system is more expensive than the traditional methods of launching ads.


The best pay per click search engines with greatest market reach are offered by Google and Yahoo. The leading program, Adwords belonging to the search engine Google, targets its own best pay per click search engine website and a host of partner sites for delivering the most effective pay per click ad for business promotion and expansion. Similarly Yahoo Search Marketing has a list of exclusive pay per click advertising programs that targets extensive on-line consumers. The pay per click listings, unlike the organic search engine listings, does not require any extensive content development or link building campaign. The key to effective pay per click ad lies in using appropriate keywords for attracting quality web visitors. Often companies launch their on-line advertising campaigns without in-depth research or planning which simply results in huge waste of labor and money.


It is necessary for pay per click ad campaigns to be structured wherein the unproductive keywords could be filtered out and replaced by high performing keyword phrases. Often advertisers are deterred from bidding on a keyword phrase as the ads’ “click through rate” was really insignificant. To avoid such occurrences, popular keywords which are related to providing solutions to consumers should be highlighted as these are result oriented and would deliver the most effective pay per click ad. A sophisticated keyword and ad strategy is required when advertisers are planning to sell a specialized niche product range. To optimize pay per click advertising performance, bidding on the appropriate keyword phrases, with dynamic and thought provoking writing along with attractive ad copy and a well composed page, is required for targeting the most vulnerable audience range. If the advertiser is aware of the requirements of their prospective customers and, accordingly, plan out the outlay and solutions, this strategy would definitely guarantee good sales return making the advertiser feel rewarded by their consistent efforts.


The best pay per click search engines offer numerous programs and special capabilities that are worth using. Both Google and Yahoo have introduced tracking and return on cost. Such statistical features are extremely helpful to clients who do not retain an e-Commerce team. The best pay per click search engine locates the websites relevant to prospective surfers’ keyword search. With thousands of websites competing for a keyword phrase ranking, it becomes problematic to rank the high or multiple keyword phrases. However, through pay per click advertising, campaigners get the opportunity to have their website listed on the result pages where they can avail of limitless number of keyword phrases. Such type of market reach is really astounding and the best pay per click search engine ensures the availability of this facility to the on-line advertisers.


For the majority of best pay per click search engines the advertising rules and regulations and their procedures are highly transparent. The highest bidder for a key phrase gets the primary spot and this implies that only a result oriented keyword can attract the right type of searchers or consumers. This guarantees the ad to be clicked on regularly which increases the organization’s business prospects. But if the ads do not get clicked frequently it is removed from the search engine. For optimum yield from pay per click advertising campaign it is mandatory to provide an inventory of products and service categories in which in the client is interested. The search engine optimization consultant helps the advertiser in selecting the right keywords for attracting the desired web traffic. The best pay per click search engines offer keyword suggestion tools to attract the truly paying on-line customers.


To have the optimum results from pay per click advertising campaigns, it is necessary to bid for those keyword phrases which attract the attention of web customers. This is possible through well structured text and ads that offer discounts, bonuses and uses the word “free” frequently. This strategy guarantees that web surfers click through the client’s site. The domain name listed below the title also influences the readers’ perception of quality and relevance to the client’s ad to their individual requirements. The domain name should not be unrelated to promotional text as for an effective pay per click advertising both domain name as well as the keywords used should blend well.

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