Best Types of Viral Marketing and Most Successful Ad Campaigns That Work

“Staff Writer” Leontine Armstrong, August 14, 2009


The most successful ad campaigns have something that just gets the attention of the consumer. You need to figure out who your target audience is going to be and promote your ad to them. Discussing what your product has to offer them will give them the idea of what it is you are selling. To have the most successful ad campaigns out there you need to establish an image that makes a statement. Watching your budget and making the most out of the money you have is smart because you want to spread out your ad campaigns efficiently so they aren’t all grouped together in one kind of campaign. Advertising in places that will target your audience is key to them seeing it and will make a difference if there is more than one type of campaign you are advertising. Spreading your advertisement out and being specific about who the campaign is for will help to build strong and loyal customers. In order to continue to have the most successful ad campaigns you need to test your ad campaigns and monitor the results so that you can make improvements if necessary. One of the most successful ad campaigns presently are the “I’m A Mac” ads from Mac. You can go on their website and look at present and past ad campaigns of theirs.

There are several different types of marketing campaigns out there. Using the right kind of marketing campaign will help generate more profit for you and your business. One marketing campaign that is useful is one that creates an awareness of your product or business and its services. Most big companies such as Nike, Pepsi or Wal-Mart use this marketing campaign to make their customers more aware of their marketing campaigns that they might not know about yet. Another marketing campaign that has proven to be useful is using a brand to initiate a product or service. With this brand you can create an image of what is to be expected whenever you purchase this brand and the products that fall under it. One of the types of marketing campaigns is the gaining of consumer information for email or marketing purposes. A way to use these acquisition campaigns is to offer a promotion or coupons for a product. You can give the customer them only after they give you their information, such as their mailing address and telephone number. If a customer has given you their information and you have given them the coupon or promotion then you will have a higher percent rate of those customers purchasing your product or service. During this process of finding the initial lists of customers you can get the information from online surveys, blogs or newspaper companies. Another of one of the types of marketing campaigns that are available is the loyalty factor. Doing this type of marketing campaign is a great way to get potential customers. With the potential customer you can offer them the incentives you have created. For the customers you have already gone ahead and give them frequent shopping rewards. Target is a good example for this reward loyalty with their Red Card savings card.

Best Buy is a perfect example of this type of loyalty marketing campaign. The purchases the customer makes will be recorded on their account every time they use their Best Buy Reward Zones card in the store. The more money the customer spends, the more points they get on their Reward Zones card.  After a certain number of points are earned the system then generates a gift certificate for the customer and gives it to them for their avid loyalty to the business. This promotional campaign starts with the customer buying the Reward Zones card which is approximately twenty dollars. After this is purchased the savings begin.

Viral marketing campaigns are some of the best marketing campaigns out on the internet because they are so easily transferred from one person to another. Viral marketing campaigns take advantage of the social networking frenzies, meaning of course the fact that people are on Facebook and Myspace more than they are at school or work sometimes. With this knowledge viral marketing campaigns will very rapidly be passed from one person to another without any interruption of being labeled as spam because a friend might have forwarded it to ten of their friends. Basically all you need to do to start any of your viral marketing campaigns is to just bring it up in a conversation and then have the people send it to their friends. An important concept about viral marketing campaigns that you should understand is that once you send the initial message out you have no control of who it is being sent to and what happens to the message. This makes any outcomes from viral marketing campaigns unable to predict because of the particular way you are sending it out there.

The best viral marketing campaigns will be entertaining and most of all engaging with their audience. If you don’t find the marketing campaign interesting in any way you can bet you won’t want to watch it again. All of the best viral marketing campaigns will be passed along on the sole purpose of entertaining one of your friends with the marketing campaign just as you were entertained with it. Being creative to make the best viral marketing campaigns spreading out on the internet or any other public campaign will take careful time and planning. The best viral marketing campaigns contain messages that are sexy, funny and have entertaining topics. An example of one of the best viral marketing campaigns most recently is the Coca Cola Zero drink. The company very ingeniously created a breath taking slogan, “Zero is More.” This slogan alone was enough to create a great interest in the public. More campaigns started to come out with a date and some pretty cool backgrounds about the product and soon when the day came to start shipping for pre orders the store that sold the black bottle caps for the Coca Cola bottles was in short supply. This was one of the best viral marketing campaigns because the company planted that initial seed well and watched it grow in power through the public gossip.

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