Bing: The New Search Engine for SEO Company LA to Conquer

Staff writer: Jessica Rennie

Date: 7.17.2012



Most SEO Company LA firms talk about optimizing on Google.  Google has always been the main search engine that people used; therefore, it should be the main site to market on and work on getting high rankings with.  But as of the summer of 2009, a new search engine had gone live.  Now in 2012, this search engine, Bing, is being used almost as much as Google.  With its popularity on the rise, SEO optimization Los Angeles may need to start rethinking which search engine they are spending all of their time optimizing on.


As a web design company in Los Angeles offers a different way to approach creating a webpage than a new business owner, Bing offers a little bit different way of searching that can be described as more intuitive than Google and it has a number of different search options available.  Though, you can be sure that Google will answer back to this new search engine with more updates as the two compete to be the most used search engine.  Studies have also shown that for some reason Bing users are much more likely to click on the advertisements that are posted on the sides of the screen than Google users are.  This information may make Bing seem like the better way to go for SEO companies that do a lot of pay per click marketing.


There are a few tips that SEO companies should be sure to follow if they start optimizing on Bing as well.  Most will apply to Google optimization but they are mainly to help you make the most of marketing on Bing.


The first is to make sure that the word count on articles, blog posts, and any other kind of text is higher than 300 words.  SEO experts have analyzed the Bing search algorithm and have found that the algorithm sees the website as a higher quality with the more words it has – specifically, sites that have over 300 words.  This is a little different from the Google algorithm which did not take in to account the number of words but just the quality of content.


The next tip is something that a lot of SEO writers do not pay much attention to.  But on Bing, title tags are a big thing.  Bing looks closely at the title tags and uses them when ranking websites.  This means that you should make sure you use keywords but make the tags unique.


Links are the main ingredient in search engine optimization.  On Bing, a large emphasis is placed on where the links lead to.  Bing looks closely at the back links and checks to see if the link leads to a relevant site of good quality.  If you decide to build links with Bing, make sure to meet their standards for links.


Bing may differ a little from Google but good SEO practice should still be followed no matter what search engine you are optimizing on.  The result will be high rankings and more views.  Whether you choose to continue optimizing on Google, decide to switch it up with Bing, or maintain optimizing on both search engines, following these tips will give you the rankings you desire.

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