Boost your Business with Web Site Promotion Marketing

Web site Promotion Marketing is essential for increasing the traffic on a website. An advertisement agency or a businessman should choose the website promotion methods for a website very carefully to select the best methods of promotion of online business.


There are two main categories of website promotion such as free Website promotions method and paid website promotions method


  1. Free Website Promotion Methods


Search engine optimization is a popular free website promotion method. The following methods are used in technique of search engine optimization.


Submission of Links to directories:  All one has to do is to submit links of one’s website to the websites which are listed in directories. It is good if be submitted to big search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN.


Getting Links for Website: This is another kind of free website promotion method. In this method, one has to get links for his or her website from other websites.


Reciprocal Linking: One can also offer a give-and-take link to another website. This type of linking is free and one can great promotions of his or her website through reciprocal linking.


  1. Paid-up Website Promotion Method

This method also can be in the form of pay-per-click. Pay-per click advertisements are basically in the form of banner ads at their initial stage. Pay-per click method is not very costly method of website promotion. This technique is a very popular method of website promotion. In this way there are two forms of website promotion method. One can take guidance and assistance of specialist or web advertising agency for choosing suitable website promotion method for one’s online business.

Other Methods of Website Promotion

There are many methods of website marketing marketing. Different methods of website promotion used by Internet advertisement agencies are as follows:

  • Online Surveys: Online surveys are very helpful tools for website promotion. Online surveys can be structured in an interactive manner. A specific group of people can be invited through email for participating in a survey on a website.
  • Discussion Forums: These forums include Internet based discussion forums, newsgroup discussion forums, email forums etc. The discussion forums are controlled by moderators.
  • Online Consultancy: In e-consultations, people are invited to give a comment on a specific issue. Sometimes, the opportunity to comment on the specific issue is open to everyone or a person has to login the website for giving comment on the specific issue.
  • E-Participation: This concept covers many online web promotion activities such as online conferences, e-consultation and e-democracy. The opportunities for people to participate in online discussions offer an extra chance to communicate to clients, stakeholders and members.
  • Webcast: Webcast is a live video or audio broadcast on the Internet. Sometimes, specific software is required for Webcast. Internet broadband connection is necessary for watching a Webcast.
  • Blogs: Blogs are Internet journals and changes are made in blogs on a daily basis. Blogs create an online community for people to express their opinions on variety of issues. Blogs can be a potential tool for website promotion.
  • Micro-sites for Campaigns and Specific Issues: One can guide people to a specific page on a website to attract their attention to a specific issue. The mini website can be established for a short period. People can be invited to micro-website through e-mails, advertisements and newsletters etc. A focused presentation can be used to attract the attention of people to micro-website.
  • Advertising: Advertising on search engine can be used as an effective tool for website promotion. The types of ads can be banner ads, sky scrapers, pop ups and pop downs etc.
  • Listing in Directories and Websites: This is very important instrument for telling people about one’s products and services.

Why you should use online advertisements for Website Promotion

The main benefits of website promotion are promotion of business or website and promotion of sales. In this way, there are many advantages of website Promotion. The popular benefits of website promotions are as follows:

  • Website promotion helps in building brand names for an online business.
  • Website promotion helps in increasing the client base of a business organization or website.
  • Website promotion helps in providing information to customers about products and services.
  • The process of promotion of website gives information to customers about unique qualities of a product or service.
  • The means of website process can be helpful for a businessman and website for building relationships with clients.
  • Website Promotion helps in promotion of website at global level.
  • The activity of website promotion helps in providing credibility to an online business.


Avoid Wrong Practices of Website Promotion.

Some Internet or marketing agencies follow wrong practices for website promotion. The following practices of website promotion should be avoided:

  • Don’t use undesirable content on the website.
  • Avoid repeating key phrases repetitively in your content of your website.
  • Using hidden text in the website content is an inappropriate method to promote a website so, do not use hidden text in the content of a website.
  • The practice of bidding links with popular websites can be useless as nobody clicks on the links from different websites.
  • Some webmaster also uses the wrong practice of cloaking for website promotion. This practice should be avoided.
  • Do not use doorway pages for website promotion.
  • The practice of multi level marketing is avoided as it is an unacceptable method to promote a website.
  • Use of false clickers for clicking the ads on various website is a wrong method of website promotion.
  • Indexing of website on several servers is also a wrong way for publicity of a website.

Advertising agency or an advertiser should use only effective and legitimate methods for promotion of website.

Cost-Effective Website Promotion Strategies

There are many ways to advertise a business on the Internet. One can establish a remarkable position on the Internet even by spending less amount of money. An individual businessman can make use of low cost website promotion methods to promote a business or website on the Internet. The simple methods to promote one’s business on Internet are as follows:

  • E-mail Marketing: E-mail is a very convenient and cheap way to inform the customers about products and service. This service is very fast and less time consuming.
  • Newsletters: The newsletters can be sent to people to inform them about products, services and website. Newsletters can be sent to potential clients in the form of emails. This is an instant method to promote a website.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing is a cost-effective method of website promotion. Affiliates usually work on commission basis. Affiliates help in promoting products and services. They also assist in attracting traffic for a website. Affiliates possess list of niche market which helps in further publicity of website.

An advertiser or advertising agency should choose low cost website promotion strategies to promote one’s site or business on the Internet. Low cost strategies are far better than illegitimate and wrong methods of website promotion.

Website promotion helps a website in achieving its goals related to online business. The overall profit of business can also be increased by using methods of website promotion. The task of website promotion can be done with the help of an Internet advertising agency. There are many Internet advertising companies which offer website promotion service on Internet. Make sure to do your research and choose your Internet advertising agency carefully.


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