Building Guerilla, Browser Upgrade and Public Information Marketing Campaigns For A Business

“Staff Writer” Leontine Armstrong, August 14, 2009


Building campaigns that are right for your business start with understanding the demand for the product. Next you need to think of who your target audience is going to be. Planning what you want your campaign to be in the end will be important to how you are creating it in the beginning. Building campaigns can be rough around the edges at first but once you get the ideas down on paper your vision will become more apparent and easily improved so that it is ready to be campaigned. Whether you are starting with having small campaigns on websites that concern your product or if the campaign starts on your web page, the campaign will be seen and understood by the viewers. Making your campaign interesting and unique is key to creating a successful campaign. If you can make a campaign that is funny and eye catching all you need to do is sell your product or business with simple ideas that will truly work for the customer.

The campaigns browser upgrade campaign is a campaign that sought out to help web pages introduce better web standards so the site could support more web content and help more people. Some computers are able to support most web browsers but others which are hardly ever used on any website cannot. The complication with the campaigns browser upgrade campaign is that most computers and websites still don’t support certain browsers that are necessary to use that particular website. This is unfortunate because upgrades are needed all the time for this new technology that continues to advance quickly. The interesting fact that the campaigns browser upgrade campaign brings to light is the major advances of other web browsers that in fact do work well with both the computer and the website. The mass use of the internet has brought about a major change of how the internet is used. The internet first started as a very small and limited space to put and seek out information. As the internet has grown we are constantly needing newer improved upgrades because the internet now has so much information. The web pages have been changed so that they can support large amounts of web content. Our computers have been upgraded to be able to access, download and support most information from the internet. With the advances going on all the time we will continually have to upgrade our computer’s software so we can use the internet and all of its applications efficiently.

Public information campaigns are issued usually by the government. The idea behind public information campaigns is to bring information, otherwise that of which most likely wouldn’t be known, to the attention of the public. These campaigns usually concern the health and well being of people of all ages. An example of this is a campaign from Virginia that have the public information campaigns discuss the truth behind most child deaths or injuries. In these public information campaigns we are told the safety precautions that should be taken so as to prevent the death and injury of a child in a vehicle. The campaign discusses the fact that children aren’t buckled in safely in their cars and sometimes aren’t even in child safety seats when they really need to be. Public information campaigns deal with real life important aspects that do affect our daily lives. Most recently the Swine Flu has affected many people and killed some of those people.

Another kind of public information campaign discusses the dangers of AIDS and HIV. This is important because it affects our health and that is why there is a public information campaign that tells everyone about it. Prevention in some cases such as the child in a proper seat in a vehicle are possible and easy fixes. The prevention of AIDS and HIV is possible too if people take precautions that are made knowledge through school sex educational classes that might help prevent the spread of disease. Public service announcements in the past have helped many people and will continue to help more people who understand the great risk they are in. Classes given because of this health risk seek to educate people who are at risk of catching any disease have helped to make people aware of what is out there and what can happen to them if they aren’t safe.

Using guerilla marketing campaigns creates an interesting way of marketing to customers. Surprising people in public with questions about what they like to eat everyday can be overwhelming at times. The effective reasoning behind guerilla marketing campaigns is that you can provoke the thought process of the consumer if you ask them a question they are not expecting. This will jump start the brain and give a very honest answer because the person is unable to think of anything but answering accurately to the question they are asked. The results prove to be bad if there are forceful guerilla marketing campaigns that attack people in the public which have unfortunately happened. Promotions of the business and product are useful to help promote more guerilla marketing campaigns that will in turn give more ideas of how to market to the public.

Guerilla marketing campaigns are open to the idea of asking unusual questions of the consumer. Asking these unusual questions give the inquirer an idea of what kind of taste the person has and what might or might not interest them. A form of guerilla marketing campaigns that are still practiced today may be considered the live reality shows that take cameras to the streets to ask the public what they think of broccoli, a sunny day and our president. Those three questions started out innocent and then escalated into a question that would be more like a big part of guerilla marketing campaigns. Getting a mass amount of results from asking a simple question to a crowd of people can give your small campaign a lot of useful information. With this same crowd you can ask several more simple or complex questions still getting more results from using a small amount of man power and work.

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