Business and Corporate promotion with Google Checkout.

Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 8/3/2009

The Internet swept the business world globally.  A new form of marketing media developed and everyone from new businesses to established business were getting involved.  It was a new decade and a decade that would grow to become a multi billion dollar industry.  The success stories are endless and still being made today.  Everyone who was anyone was getting involved and everyone who was no one was getting involved, and for those that thought it was a new wave for the “geeks” and the “yuppies” didn’t get involved, but chances are, they are today.

Everything evolved.  Virtually everything began to be done through the net.  Today, years later, the Internet has become a household item, with nearly everyone using its conveniences.  Many Internet users turn to the net before going to the store to shop, it is an energy and time saver, often times discounted and hassle free.  Everyone loves the convenience of Internet shopping and everyone loves receiving their packages in the mail.

Business began to build shopping malls on their sites and added shopping carts and checkouts which one can pay with a credit card, Paypal or other payment processors.  Google became a leader offering Google Checkout.  Anyone with something to sell on a website needs a payment processor so visitors can purchase.

How do you decide which is right for you?  The answers are varied, but, I prefer the Google Checkout.  Google is a trusted name and known to most.  It is also in good repoire with the banks.  Not, to mention, Google offers a Google Checkout Promotion program that is great when campaigning your product.   This is great when used in corporate promotion.  It is professional and attractive and always appreciated.

Google will offer their merchants information on upcoming Google promotions through notifications.  Often times, these may be discounts to your customer if they use the Google Checkout.  One such promotion is the $10 off Google Checkout Promotion.  With this promotion, if your customer is a first time Google Checkout user, they will receive $10 for setting up and account and using it when checking out.  Often times there are no minimum limit to this promotion.  It is excellent for the business.

Google also offers online discount coupon codes.  These are various saving coupons to the shopper.  These may be Google Cart Coupons, Checkout Discount Codes, Google Payments Special Offers, Google Shopping Coupon Codes, Free Shipping Offers, and other promotion discount savings available to Google Online Checkout Users. The website owner may also combine with Google offering discounts on purchases through their site, or items through their site.  This is very popular among business owners.


There are many advantages to the webmaster than just the discounts that their customer will be offered through the use of Google Checkout on their site.  Google Checkout is time efficient, it is secured, the business owner will attract new leads, studies have proved that Google Checkout users click on promotional ads a majority of 10% times more when the ad featured displays the Google Checkout badge, Google converts more sales, Google Checkout helps its user convert 40% more shoppers who have never used Checkout before, Google Checkout helps to prevent you from fraud,  and Google’s Checkout Payment Guarantee helps to protect 98% of Checkout orders on the average.


You definitely can promote your business with Google and have an advantage that you won’t have otherwise.  Google offers a search advertising program called Google Adwords that helps customers to discover you through the use of targeted text ads that will appear beside Google search engine results.  That is major!


When promoting your site with Google Checkout, you will receive a badge which is an icon that will alert potential customers that they have the security of Google Checkout.  The badge will appear on your AdWords and product search listings that highlight your site.


Google offers confidence to both the shopper and the webmaster.  It is the leader in the industry of fraud protection programs.  The merchant receives protection and the shopper receives protection.  Webmasters can sell with confidence when using Google Checkout.  Google is a leader in the industry of fraud protection programs keeping your safe fraud.   Google Checkout guarantee payment plan protects on an average 98%, so you get paid once it is processed, even if there is a charge back.  The merchant receives protection with a fraud protection fee.  Google also lowers the cost of fraudulent charges by detection systems that they have at Checkout that reduces fraud and filter out orders that are fraudulent.  This system also helps the business to increase their sales by identifying legitimate orders.


Business promotion is your livelihood.  It is what will make you a success on the Internet.  Google can offer an advantage to your site through setting up their Google Checkout system.  It is easy and convenient, and most of all, it is professional and secure.


So, is Google Checkout for you?  Weigh the advantages.  Look into the future of your company.  If you are a newbie try to get your feet wet, you may opt for Paypal as your payment processor, however, if you are a company that is looking at a large scale of clientele currently or in the future then you just might want to consider Google Checkout, and consider it as an additional form of advertising as well!  Google can help you to promote through the search engines and to offer you and your customer’s security through the Google Checkout program and the security of their name.  At the least, look around the net and different sites, she how they have their shopping sites set up. Speak to other webmasters and discover what is right for you.

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