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Staff Writer: Cecilia Caprarella

Date: 7/1/2009


So you want to be in business?

The dream of starting your own business is truly not unique. The independence, the possibility for creativity, making your own hours and making lots of money, is an illusion shared by most since the beginning of free commerce. Who wouldn’t want that?

Up until the internet came to be, that dream was reserved for just a few. Money, time and ingenuity were just some of the obstacles that held us back. Today, more and more people are living out this dream with little to no investment by conducting a business on the World Wide Web.

The internet has created a venue for a novice entrepreneur to build successful website companies. This is not to say that running a business on the web is not hard work. If you expect to start an online business, sit back and enjoy a cold one while the money stacks up at the bank, think again.

Most businesses, whether online or in the real world, take time, investment and a persistence that only the true entrepreneur can carry out. This is what distinguishes a successful business with longevity form a business that is here today and gone tomorrow. For the hundreds of online business that pops up on the World Wide Web, only a few are truly successful.

Successful web businesses are run by people that have a vision and know what it take to see it through. They know their strength and recognize their weaknesses. They know how to delegate and how to seek the help of professionals to make their ideas a reality.

Trying to do everything on their own would be like biting of their nose to spite their face.

Sometimes it’s wise to look at the big picture. Money, invested in the right aspects of your business may just give you the boost to turn your company into a success.

When we look at the truly accomplished businesses, you can see that the person that leads it, is usually followed by a team that help push him or her along lifting the load. Without them the business owner would crumble under the weight.

As the leader (business owner) one must know, be informed, and have the capacity to guide the direction he or she want the business to go in. This may be just what makes or breaks a venture. Being an online business owner takes the same determination, knowledge and ability to lead the team working for them.

The internet is without a doubt a place where a business can thrive. With a limited budget, a business owner can seek the help of those possessing the knowhow of taking a start-up venture and exposing it to the world.

SEO (search engine optimization) is certainly the way to go. And I mean GO! The World Wide Web is a highly congested media, this can either work for you or against you. Let’s say you decide to design your own website, absolutely doable, there are hundreds maybe even thousands of do-it-yourself sites to walk you through the process. With a little color coordination, some simple design knowledge, and content, you could possibly have a webpage designed in just a few hours. By the time it’s done, you may even be proud of your accomplishment.

Now you can go straight to a major search engine, Google, MSN, Yahoo!, and look for the detailed instructions on how to load your site online. You can even check out what sort of advertisement they offer. Some of which are offered for free. Believe me, search engines are there to help you. Why? Because they’re making a ton of money. They think in terms of quantity, they have no problem taking a buck from hundreds of thousands of sites…their not greedy. You should do the same.

Now you’re done, site designed, loaded on the web and you’re advertising. Try typing in a few words on the search bar, as would a potential client looking for your product or service, of any of the search engines and see on what page your site comes up on. If your see your site on the first result page, you’re a pro. Congratulations.

Most do-it-yourselfers on the other hand, are not on the first result page of a search engine, and this can mean a loss of revenue. As I said, the internet is highly congested. A Web business which is not correctly designed, advertised and placed (ranked) on the World Wide Web can just get lost, buried beneath all the other pages of a search engine.

On the other hand, a highly congested medium can be a gold mine. With the right exposure your business can thrive.

The question is how to get noticed…this is when you understand, that like the successful business in the real world, you need a team to make your venture flourish. An SEO (search engine optimization) is the crucial element of an online business. It should be taken into consideration from the start up stage and carried through to the very end, when designing, advertising and launching a business on the web. A CA website  is no different form a website run on the other side of the globe, exposing a an online business needs to have the capacity to reach anyone, anywhere.

Search Engine Optimization is the process in which a website is popularized on a search engine. Through the use of precise key words and phrased an SEO is able to match your webpage to an internet user when they type what they’re looking for on the search box. These highly skilled professionals are knowledgeable in the process in which a computerized program reads words used by internet users and then matches those words to generate relevant web pages of interest to the internet user.

CA Web Design is becoming a fast growing field. The art in of design, combined with precise use of key words and phrases can make an online business well rounded.

One could say…It’s all in the words…, since that’s all a search engine has in order to find your product or service on the internet. Some advertisers are searching for low cost help when designing and optimizing a website, even contracting their web needs overseas. During hard economic times one would think that overseas low cost labor may be the way to go, yet how would they capture the essence, the feel for the language, use of words that your target audience may use? Most CA Website designers, marketers and even CA SEO’s company is competitively priced, and keep a step ahead of this ever evolving field.

For this and all other information on designing, building and launching a successful online business visit your team at

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