Calculating visitors currently online with the Visitor Watch Online Software.

Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 8/8/2009

The best way to identify and analyze the performance of your website is by learning and understanding the online visitor counter. You can also take steps to optimize the website functioning by communicating with your visitors currently online. For this purpose real time tracking is essential and it also help you get a picture of how people interact on your website. Visitor watch online can also be the benchmark for the success of your marketing campaigns.

With this in mind there are many online visitor counter software that have been put into use. This will give you all the information you need like visitor watch online, free counter, and traffic statistics collected from different websites. The software is completely reliable with password protection tracker also available. You get detailed analytical report to support the findings and help you optimize your websites functionality. The online visitor counter is installed by inserting a simple tracker code in the source code of your webpage and lo behold! You can start counting. You can also login into the software parent site and monitor and analyze the visitor watch online in real time. Your site is also automatically posted in the chart, driving further traffic to your site. This software helps you to watch the visitor online, check the number o visitors and page views of your site. You also get to know your visitors and which pages at the most accessed on your site. Visitors get to tell you how they found your site and where they came from. You can learn what browsers your visitors prefer, which is the most active period of your site in terms of hours, days, and weeks running into months quarters and years. You can also study how your site is performing when compared to others of the same category and country. In fact the list of benefits is endless and as you keep using this software you would be surprised at the information you receive. It could be a real eye opener.

There are many advantageous to visitor watch online software – it is password protected, it can track unlimited number of web pages, it is a fast, quick loading and responsive software that gives reliable service absolutely free of cost, some software provide categorized site traffic charts that helps drive free traffic to your website. You can also opt for regular free traffic reports by email.

The visitor watch online software works with visible and invisible Web counters that is built with features like Visitor Paths. Visitor path allows the website owner to see when someone visits the site and the pages they browsed on their visit. It also counts the time spent on each page. Such kind of tracking of visitor data is priceless that no webmaster can ignore. It helps make decisions on improving the website layout, effectiveness of the current web design and improvements if any are required and the amount of promotion required for your website. With the vast range of web stats services available on the Internet, some that have just the basic hit counters and some that are offered with other web hosting plans, selecting the right one could be a Herculean task. However it is only the right web counter that can help you get the correct stats sheet which can be extremely helpful in website marketing and research.

Data of visitors currently online should country data in terms of ISP or IP address, browsers, referral URLs, online visitors and search engine data like keywords, referrals, and others. This data can turn out to be crucial while planning the website promotion campaigns. Apart from all the serious stuff, it is fun for personal website owners to know who visited their site and how they felt about it. The software also allows graphical display of the visited numbers for easy visualization and to help analyze long term trends. There are three primary statistic required for this graph – hits, page views and unique visitors. Unique visitor is one who visits your site regularly over a period of time like for instance if a particular user spends say ten minutes browsing through several pages of your site, he or she is considered unique. A hit is considered when a user clicks to open a particular page of your site, opening each page is considered individual hits. Refreshing is not considered a hit, only new page views are hits. Page view is the number of pages viewed irrespective of it being single visit, page reloaded, or a different page.

Many business use the visitor watch online software.  It will help your business to grow.  It counters the challenges of management of visitor information.  The software offers security of screening and registering visitors.  It can help in streamlining the visitor check in process, tracking visitor information, helping to secure your company, among other features.  You will know where your customers are coming from and the volume of customers.

There are many types of software out there that will offer the professionalism and quality that your website needs to operate efficiently and functionally.  When deciding if this is software that would benefit your business, you should take into consideration and include your plans for the future.  You will want to project where you want to be in a few years from now and the necessary steps to get there.  Developing a strategic plan early to achieve results for the present as well as the future is important.  This may be just one software you chose to assist in the helping of making your business run effectively and operating smoothly.  Customers are important and accurate records are mandatory.  When deciding it is a good idea to look at different sites, get an idea as to the software’s they are using and the convenience and appearance of their websites.  Know a little background knowledge of the different software’s and make a wise decision in the design of your website.

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