California SEO Companies Understand Engagement Tactics for Social Media

Staff Writer: Brjden Crewe

Date: 8.30.2012


When it comes to online marketing, social media marketing has become a huge tool for businesses. Approximately 65% of US citizens use social media websites and these types of network communities have become perfect for businesses to reach out to any particular audience that you choose to target.

A big plus with social media websites is that it allows businesses to display a more personal side to their brand no matter how big or small the business is. Social media opens up many different avenues which to reach out to present and potential business. Many businesses display their own photos, videos, articles, blogs and even discounted coupons on their social networking sites to engage with customers and increase their sales.

Each individual website features many different ways to reach audiences. But if you want to utilize this particular area of California SEO, your social marketing strategy needs to be approached in a smart, organized way. California SEO companies use some of the top social media websites which includes Twitter, Facebook and Google + depending on what type of business is being discussed. Depending on your type of business and your overall goals, all of these websites may not be perfect for your business. Here are some quick features of different types of marketing campaigns specific to each of these websites that work well depending on your business model as well as helpful tips to increase your engagement with your audience.


This is not only the biggest social media site, but the biggest website in the world. Facebook allows businesses to create their own “Pages” that represents their business and brand. It can almost read like a yearbook for your company with a listing of accomplishments. This site is ideal for businesses looking to create a more personal relationship with customers and potential customers because of your ability to post videos and photos in relation to your brand, updates and even employee events. TIPS: Make sure that you ask poll questions, post at the right time of day in relation to business hours and your brand type and keep it simple, yet utilize your visual advantages with videos and photos.


At 140-character, Twitter is a social networking platform for playroom for brands to express and promote ideas simple and quickly. Twitter gives you the choice to design your page and present a 140-character bio to which you can represent your brand with. The site’s simplicity is probably Twitter’s most engaging and popular feature, which allows people to engage quickly and catch up on news, friends and their favorite brands and celebrities. Twitter is ideal for businesses that want to share quick links to their sites, blogs or promotional activities to a targeted group through direct messages and/or hashtags. TIPS:  Use retweeting (RT) to support your brand and promotions and keep up with trending topics that you can use for your brand.


Google+ is a combination of playful social networking and professional connections. In many ways, the site works similar to Facebook because you’re able to provide status updates and post on your friends’ pages also. But Google + has unique features which allows it to be a professional resource also. You can separate people into different groups in order to build and share a specific business campaign which makes connecting to who you target, very simple. TIPS: Comment often on your page so that you customers stay engaged. Also use the “Circle” feature to group people you’ve connected with and be sure to engage in hangouts to make new, fresh connections with potential business.

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