California SEO Firm Can Save You from Making Marketing Mistakes

Staff writer: Jessica Rennie

Date: 7.2.2012



The message that a company sends out plays a huge part of what customers will continue to buy from that company.  This is why marketing so touchy.  The company wants to prove that they are the right fit for you but also wants to reach as many people as possibility.  Therefore, it is a struggle between reaching many and reaching certain types of people.


Not only does the message have to reach many but it also has to be accurate.  Consumers love to find typos and poke fun at companies when they make a huge mistake.  For instance, there have been countless occasions when the word “school” is painted “shcool” on a street near a high school or middle school.  It is embarrassing enough to have something as large as a street sign or billboard to be misspelled but it can be just as humiliating on social media sites like Twitter.  In this scenario, it was not a typo but the mistake is just as cringe worthy.  Starbucks Ireland tweeted the following:


“Happy hour is on! Show us what makes you proud to be British for a chance to win.”


Did you catch the blunder?  For the Irish, it can be terribly insulting to be referred to as the British, especially by a company located in their own country.  The Irish who follow Starbucks Ireland on Twitter were shocked and amazed at the mistake.  An immediate response from followers was made, pointing out the mistake in the tweet.  Although Starbucks tried to make amends, the blunder led to a lot of negative press.  When someone typed in ‘Starbucks Ireland’ in Google, sites about the misprinted tweet popped up rather than the official Starbucks site or other positive marketing sites for Starbucks in Ireland.


This just shows that marketing can greatly impact a company’s image and leave it shining or scarred. Social media sites especially can impact a company immediately as it did in the previously mentioned scenario.


Because of the results a marketing campaign can get, it is essential to have one of the top marketing companies Los Angeles.  The better a marketing company’s reputation, the less likely you are to have a fallout as Starbucks Ireland did.


A top marketing company can include a California SEO firm.  SEO, or search engine optimization, firm’s job is to make good websites show up first in Google searches.  An SEO company in California can ensure good marketing and are top notch marketing companies.  By hiring a firm rather than only networking by yourself on sites like Twitter, you ensure that professionals are keeping your business from bad press.  That is not say that sites like Twitter or Facebook are bad.  In fact, they can be very resourceful and effective if wielded properly.  The promotional tweet Starbucks Ireland sent out probably would have brought a positive response had it not mentioned the British.


Marketing has to be done properly to get the kind of following that every company wants.  With so many watching and reading billboards, road signs, and tweets, it is essential to spell check and know who you are writing to.  Everyone picks apart what they are being told so it is pertinent to be grammatically and geographically correct when marketing for your company.

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