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Staff Writer: Brjden Crewe

Date: 8.30.2012


Every year, millions of dollars are spent by companies in advertising. Radio, television, print ads and other media outlets try to convince you to spend money on their products through these advertising techniques. Even though many people don’t believe that they are affected by advertising, research shows that advertising, if done correctly, can be a very influential incentive for making people think more favorably towards a certain brand. A well-known technique in advertising is the usage of subliminal images and messages which appears beneath your conscious awareness and even though you unaware of this stimulus, it has the power to affect your thoughts and your feelings unlike California SEO services.

Subliminal Messages

SEO California companies define subliminal messages as any type of stimulus that travels beneath your conscious awareness. Generally, these are sounds and images used. The purpose of subliminal images are to embed (or bury) a brand name, product or message in the viewer or listener’s mind without their conscious being aware of this action happening.

This concept was created in the early 20th century, but subliminal images rose after a 1957 campaign advertisement created by James Vicary. During a movie showing, Vicary flashed images every five seconds which read “Drink Coca-Cola” or “Hungry? Eat Popcorn.” The images lasted 1/3000th of a second and went unnoticed by the people watching the movie, but they bought more food and cola. This example never happened and was a hoax but what’s interesting is that the concept is considered an archaic process in order to tap into the unconscious mind since this stunt.

Allowing advertisers to influence consumers unknowingly have been proven to change behavior and thoughts as well. The concept of priming in the central use of subliminal images and its greatest feature is the exposure to your conscious influences behavioral patterns.

Corporate Advertisements

Corporate advertising campaigns are where some of the most common uses of subliminal images are found. But in 1984, a hearing with the U.S. House of Representatives subcommittee noted that subliminal communication pose a “serious moral, ethical and legal” problem that required more studies which was agreed up by the United Nations.  They concluded that use of subliminal images posed “a major threat to human right.”


Military and Government

The U.S. Air Force used subliminal images during World War II in order to improve pilot recognition of friendly aircraft and enemy aircraft. They flashed images and corrected pilots’ answers to questions of which aircrafts they were viewing until they were able to correctly identify enemy planes.

Other subliminal message uses occurred during wartime as propaganda posters used them to support the war effort. As an example, Nazi posters would portray Adolph Hitler in a warrior or pose leading Germans citizens into thinking of him as a savior from evil.

Although there were concerns about the issues with using subliminal images, they still remain a common technique in private and government sectors. Different forms of subliminal messaging are forbidden to be used by the FCC, though subtle imagery created to influence consumer behavior is still used regularly.

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