California SEO Services include Pinterest Links

Staff writer: Jessica Rennie

Date: 7.13.2012



During the month of March in the year of 2010, a new social networking service became available on the Internet called Pinterest.  Pinterest is a virtual pin board.  Members can create and name boards and then “pin” pictures of items they like or are inspired by.  A Pinterest member’s boards can be “followed” by other Pinterest users.  When you follow a board, you can repin their pictures on to one of your own virtual pin boards.  The concept of Pinterest has recently become more popular as more people have become interested in the site.


For those interested in becoming a member, there are a few ways to register.  If you have a friend already on Pinterest, he or she can invite you.  If you do not know anyone with the site, you can request an invite directly from Pinterest.  Another way is to go through Facebook or Twitter accounts and link those to Pinterest.


Once a membership is obtained, your Pin boards can be categorized in a variety of ways.  Some members like to organize by color such as all the blue pictures go on this board while all the pink ones go on the other board.  While some other Pinterest members like to organize by the type of pictures such as all shoe pictures go here, all food pictures go here, and all clothing pictures go on this board.


Most pictures have a link attached to them.  When you click on the picture, you are transported from Pinterest to the site where the picture was pinned from.  Pictures can come from a variety of sources: your own camera, shopping sites, and more.  Any picture can be uploaded to Pinterest.  Most pictures of products – clothing, technology – lead to a site where you can purchase that product.  This is how Pinterest has become the ideal marketing site.


Marketers are learning what a massive amount of people are interested in based on what the eleven million members are pinning.  Once marketers know what a large population wants, they can work on making a product more marketable.


Pinterest can actually influence sales.  When one person takes a picture of a leather jacket from a website and pins it to her board, all of her followers can now see that leather jacket.  When five followers like it and repin it to their boards, all of their followers are seeing the leather jacket, too.  And so on and so forth.  This is how Pinterest is reshaping the fashion marketing Los Angeles.


Pinterest is also reshaping the SEO marketing world.  SEO southern California is the marketing technique that makes it easier to find a site or link through search engines such as Google.  California SEO services include link building and search optimization.  While links before were added to other social networking sites, they are now being added to Pinterest as well.


Some marketing companies underestimate the power a social networking site has.  Pinterest is showing how once again the social media world can play a key part in sales.


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