California SEO Services Watch Google Tackle Internet Piracy

Staff Writer: Brjden Crewe

Date: 8.31.2012


Recently, you’ve probably heard about the drastically different search rankings. Google’s latest algorithm changes have caused many businesses, individuals, even California SEO services to try and understand the new regulatory changes that will affect their rankings. These will be serious changes, similar to other big changes Google has made of the last few years to their regulations.

Currently, Google is using copyright infringement as an important factor to its algorithm and websites who have numerous valid copyright removal notices filed suit, which will lead to rankings decreasing. This is learned in most web design companies in Los Angeles. Google’s stance, is that they don’t want to see stolen content. They want original, quality content from each website and if they don’t feel that your website provides that, you will be penalized.

But what is considered “valid” content? According to reports, Google has received over 4 million copyright removal notices in July 2012 which is more they received during the entire 2009 year. But are all of these complaints valid? Until Google outlines what the criteria reads as to what’s valid and what isn’t, we won’t really know. For now, we only know about the new penalties for the violation.

It has also been reported that websites who are considered to have a high number of removal notices will appear lower in Google’s results. But much like what’s considered valid, the scale of what’s considered a high number of removal notices has not been explained as of yet.

So what would stop a business competitor from filing a bunch of phony complaints against your business? Stay tuned in the following months when Google is sure to release standards and protocol in order to combat bogus complaints. With Panda and Penguin, we all learned that even the most honest of websites can get caught up in the mess and saw damage in their rankings.

Although not a federal law, the result is the same for website owners. Though this is simply an algorithm change, we saw with SOPA that if you get preoccupied with the changes, it can hurt your business. But Google was firmly against SOPA, so much so that now there are rumors that the next algorithm changes are Google’s way of making it up to those who were affected by it; i.e. music labels, seo Los Angeles CA, movie studios and television studios who were not happy with the changes.

The point of all this, is that Google has taken steps and moved things in place to remove copyright infringed content from affecting their search results for many years. Many businesses have filed DMCA notices against websites believed to have stolen their content. Once proven that your content has been stolen, Google sends you an email letting you know that the webpage has been removed from the results as well as an outlined explanation as to why exactly the page is no longer listed.

So stay tuned, because with these new algorithm changes, you want to know what’s valid and what isn’t, before you become one of the websites penalized by their new regulations in place.

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