Can Cheap SEO Services Deliver the Goods?

Staff Writer: Nancy Mann

Date: 7.29.2012


Let’s be honest: everyone wants a bargain.  And in this still-recovering economy, saving money has become even more important.  So when deciding on which way to go with SEO, it might be tempting to seek out cheap SEO services.  There’s nothing wrong with looking for competitive pricing.  In fact, doing so keeps the market honest.


But always make sure that these same cheap SEO services are still professional SEO services, and not the product of someone who may have simply read a book on SEO, looked it up on the Internet, or delivers an inadequate SEO product in their spare time.  There are plenty of services out there that may have never even performed an SEO audit, but still promote themselves as pros, offering packages at rock bottom prices.  But the fact remains, SEO is too important scrimp on.  The kind of SEO strategies a business puts in place doesn’t just affect its web presence and visibility; it also plays a role in its branding, positioning and overall image.


So how can you identify a truly professional SEO service?  One that won’t take shortcuts or leave out some of the most important components of successful SEO marketing?  First, speak to past clients whenever possible.  A reputable provider should be more than willing to put you in touch with satisfied customers who can attest to its quality of work, dependability and integrity.  When vetting an SEO service, few things can trump talking to real contacts who have engaged them.


Next, even if you only need the basics of SEO for now, be sure that the provider you are dealing with offers full service Internet, web and online marketing.  This includes everything from full service SEO and link building to social SEO solutions and social media marketing and content marketing services; from online reputation management and business blogging services to Pay Per Click (PPC) management.  There are lots of aspects to website marketing, and each one has a purpose; but ultimately, what you’re looking for is an increase in traffic and market share, so be sure that your provider has a comprehensive understanding of how SEO works.


Finally, make sure that your SEO provider delivers a professionally designed, clearly defined contract and budget explaining not only which services will be performed but why they have been chosen, and what kinds of results will be achieved.  Never fall for the so-called affordable SEO service who can’t even explain what it intends to do.


SEO is a precise and time-consuming service.  It’s not as simple or inexpensive as some less experienced providers try to make it out to be.  If that were the case, everyone would be doing their own SEO and providers would all be out of business.  So although it’s only natural to seek the most competitive prices available, keep in mind that you also want the best return on your investment.  That can only be achieved by hiring an experienced, marketing-minded SEO service that knows how to get results.

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