Clarifying Myths of Social Media for SEO Company USA

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson


Date: 7.31.2012




The emergence of the social media phenomenon has brought a lot misperceptions, rumors and falsities about the proper ways to use social media. In the beginning, social media was a networking device that served to a way to brings friends together. Now, social media serves as a giant part of an SEO company USA marketing campaign.


Social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Youtube have all contributed to massive marketing efforts from online businesses. Any SEO company USA should be aware of the facts about social media in order to know how to use it the right way.


One such misperception of social media is that it isn’t a broadcasting device. Social media methods of publishing your content can be distributed very quickly and to a wide variety of people. If your Facebook page gets one million “likes” or your Youtube video gets three hundred thousands hits, then you are likely publishing content to a large and diverse audience.


The word “broadcast”, itself, is defined as the wide distribution of audio and visual content to a massive and diverse audience. Social media, therefore, can be a very effective means of broadcasting information. More businesses should realize this in order to make better use of their content and marketing resources.


If you believe that “likes” and followers are all that matter in your social media marketing campaign, then you’re wrong. If you’re worried that you don’t have enough “likes” on Facebook or followers on Twitter or Pinterest, then your real concern should lie in conversion rates, or how those “likes” are going to translate to dollars. What matters is that the people that like or follow your pages are engaged in your product and that they’re a part of your target audience. In reality, you will probably prefer one thousand focused and interested viewers who will likely buy your products than have one million disinterested followers who won’t be interested in buying your products.


Many users and business owners believe social media is free, which is true to an extent. You can sign up for free and have a free account. Marketing your wares on social media sites, however, is neither free, nor has it ever been. Developing a marketing strategy to boost sales, creating and distributing content, buying advertising space on internet pages that targets your fan base, getting your target audience to interact with you and other fans, and turning those “likes” into actual dollars is not a free service. All of those activities take money and resources in order for your marketing strategies to be effective and to engage a fan base. One way you can turn your fanbase into dollars is by targeting localized followers by offering exclusive content or special discounts.


Social media has likely become an important part of your campaign, so you’ll need to strategically use it so that it aligns properly with your brand. What often happens in many online businesses that are social media-shy is that the business hands off the management of the social media account to an intern or younger employee who is more tech-savvy. Not that this is necessarily a bad idea, but you should also be aware of how your employee is updating your social media site and be aware of how your brand is perceived by other users. A social media marketing strategy is just as important as any other strategy, so you shouldn’t leave yourself in the dark and just let the intern do it.


Social media platforms have become a vital part of any web marketing campaign. Being aware of the common myth and misperceptions of social media marketing will help your business market themselves properly on these platforms.

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