Compare Natural Traffic Share versus Paid Search.

A Webmaster enhances its web analytic prowess by comparing the natural traffic share with paid search. To reach a solution, one needs to find out the break-up between organic search traffic and paid search traffic. This new technique becomes all the more important when competitors search data on the basis of percentage of search referrals that the website receives from paid search spread over the span of last six months. This metric is noticed in the site referrals and compares the various site tools in search analytics. Web users, through this technique, are able to compare a site’s paid versus natural search traffic in order to gain deep insights in a website’s search strategy. This technique also assists web users to determine whether the rival competitors are inclined more towards search optimization or search marketing.


Internet marketing frequently carries out extensive research surveys on branded companies to find out the proportion of traffic to the top reputed organizations from paid search versus natural search. The survey reveals that though companies spend a lot of time on paid search, natural search traffic is still performing better. In this context, it is believed that natural search traffic would include a considerable amount of brand search. Collectively, the top ten companies in the U.S. spend around $678,000 per day on paid search. The distribution pattern showing natural and paid search in comparison to the number of clicks each site receives varies depending on the amount of money companies are willing to expend every month on pay-per-click compared to organic SEO. Since all businesses would naturally look for a guaranteed ROI (Return on Investment) it also becomes quite frustrating when the Internet marketers realize that organic search has the potential to send much more traffic at relatively lower cost.


Today it is slowly becoming quite noticeable that the balance of power is finally turning away from pay-per-click. Recent data released shows a decline in the number of paid clicks compared to organic clicks. Statistics reveal that 7.2% of search engine traffic to all categories of website was from paid clicks, but a year back, the share was 9.84%. This represents a 26% decline in the share of paid clicks. If paid search traffic shows a 7.25% traffic share then on the basis of calculation it shows that for every &10,000 (pounds) spend on AdWords, the companies spend &12,793 (pounds) on SEO on the presumption that all keywords are of equal value. Further research studies endorsed the survey and confirm that the number of paid click is growing at a much slower rate than the number of natural search queries.


The natural traffic share shows a steady increase and is up by 68% over the last two years whereas the number of users clicking on a PPC advertisement has merely increased by 18% over the same period. This slow growth rate and the steady decline are attributed to reduction in Advertisement coverage from 64% to 51% in searches. The various reasons accounting for the decline also include :

01)      Decrease in the number of advertisers owing to the current economic scenario.

02)      Google search engine’s Quality Score Methodology stops advertisers from bidding on ineffective irrelevant keywords for attracting cheap traffic.

03)      The rise in the number of words per search query making PPC campaign coverage considerably insignificant.

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