Conquesting and Advertising on Third Party Websites is Becoming More Important than Los Angeles Outdoor Advertising and Other Traditional Ad Styles

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 5.27.2012


When making a purchase, consumers used to go straight to the big brand names. They inherently trusted the brands that they heard about on TV, Los Angeles outdoor advertising, or radio advertising Los Angeles. Nowadays, just walking in to a GM dealer to purchase a car on the spot, for instance, seems risky and lacking in research. Thanks to third party sites that give unbiased opinions on different brands and products, consumers no longer need to walk in on a purchase blind. Examples of third party sites for car purchases include,, or for used vehicles.

These third party sites review various products and allow costumers to compare different brands and products. These third party sites can be easily found using Los Angeles local search engine optimization.  With these third party sties coming into play, large brand names will need to figure out new ways to take advantage of this phenomenon in steering costumers toward their brand.

Third party sites definitely serve as an advantage to customers. With third party sites, customers receive unbiased reviews of products that they normally would never receive by going to the brand name’s website., for instance, provides an overall review on just about every facet and aspect of any particular model and make of car, leaving customers confident that they have performed more well-rounded research before going to the car dealership.

One interesting new method of dealing with the problem brands have with third party sites is called conquesting. Conquesting occurs when marketers purchase ad placement on pages that contain editorial, competitive product information, along with also buying ad placement for their own third party pages. Conquesting is encouraged by some third party sites, but others avoid it in order to keep existing ad clientele.

For an example of conquesting, we can once again go to Let’s say you look up the Toyota Tundra, which won the label Edmunds Editor’s Choice. When you click on this link and look at the Toyota Tundra page, you will notice a banner ad for Chevy Silverado, which also won the title Edmunds Consumer Choice. This link will direct you to Edmund’s page on Chevy Silverado. You will not be redirected to Chevrolet’s site, but rather stay within the Edmund’s site. Chevrolet will hope that your attention will be distracted away from the Toyota Tundra page, so that those who want to learn more about the Toyota Tundra will also explore another option in the Chevy Silverado.

Conquesting better allows a brand to exercise its influence in a third party website. Although a brand ultimately has no control over the content of third party websites, the brand can – to a certain extent – control their visibility on such sites. On the web, the costumer consumes information very quickly, which means that marketers need to be efficient in how they make themselves known to the consumer. Conquesting allows a brand to put the ad where it could still be quite effective: on the page of a competitor.

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