The conversion rate is defined as the percentage of visitors that become sales or customers. Conversion rate optimization services come with the goal of improving the rate at which visitors to your site becomes a paying customer.

For an SEO professional, the process of conversion rate optimization  is about figuring out why visitors to your site don’t convert to paying customers, then fixing the circumstances to increase conversion rates. This, in a nut shell, is what conversion rate optimization is all about.

Some lesser SEO professionals get distracted when performing conversion rate optimization, opting to test web functions that don’t matter (for example: split-testing a new color for a call-to-action button). You may hear some bizarre comments or “case studies” about how little things such as changing colors on your ad will boost your conversion rates significantly.

The truth is, color schemes won’t change the bigger issues that are most likely at play with your website, such as poor design or ad copy.

Such best practice advice such as changing colors or making short forms may sound appealing, perhaps even sensible, but this is all simply guesswork. Just because that one adjustment worked for another business, doesn’t mean it’ll work for you; remember that no two businesses are equal, even if they’re in similar industries. That said, however, what works on another website will only work on your website if you have similar objectives. But assuming that this isn’t so, you must first figure out what’s wrong with your site, not what has worked for other sites.

In your conversion rate optimization, you shouldn’t focus on metrics such as microconversions, as these don’t translate to money and are merely misleading metrics. An example of a microconversion is a visitor putting items in their shopping cart. Focus on total conversions, or conversions that lead to a purchase. The factors that directly effect revenue are what matters.

Conversion rate optimization matters when done well for several reasons:

  • Profits. Most obviously, it leads to increased sales and more money.
  • Advertising spending. Bigger profits means you can also increase advertising spending, to be used on tactics such as PPC, affiliate marketing, and other effective forms of advertising.
  • Market share. When your advertising efforts become a success, in time you’ll also increase your market share.Conversion Optimization Services


When you or your SEO professional first starts the process of conversion rate optimization, you must first go into research and analysis as the first stage. One of the first things you should do is buy a product from your website.

This may seem odd, but it’s also a very important first step. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and figure out how easy or difficult it is to make a purchase. Take screenshots throughout each stage and page of the process, or record a video of you buying the product. Once you buy the product, use it as a customer would. Examine it, test it, take it apart, put it together again, use it.

Your SEO professional at Sticky Web Media will walk you through the rest of the steps required in conversion rate optimization.