Creating a Marketing Firm Los Angeles

Staff Writer; Jessica Rennie

Date: 8.6.2012



A marketing firm’s job is to give other businesses the attention they need to get more customers and consequently, make more sales.  This responsibility is to expose a business as much as possible to spread the word about its products.

That is just the simplest definition to describe what a Los Angeles marketing firm does.  But starting a marketing firm may not seem quite so simple.  And staying in business can be even more difficult; your business only stays in business as long as you keep your clients in business through effective marketing.  In other words, your company rides on how well you can market for another company.

If you think you have good marketing skills, then by all means, proceed to start your own marketing firm Los Angeles.  There are just a few tips to help you get started.

  • Decide on an area for your marketing firm.  To do so, answer these questions:

What area of marketing do you specialize in?

What type of companies is your target market?

What services can you provide? For example, social media marketing, guerilla marketing, etc.

  • For the purpose of taxes, you must apply for and receive a business license and an Employer Identification Number.  This makes your marketing firm legal and for obvious reasons is a major item to have before you open yourself up for business.
  • As it is in many lines of businesses, connections are important.  So get in contact with places you have worked for in the past and with businesses you have used before to inform them of your marketing firm plans.  by making a personal connection, you may convince another business to hire you since you are someone they know and trust.  Or they will be more likely to at least spread the word about your newly established firm.
  • You will need your firm to be very organized.  No one will hire you to market for their business and increase their revenue if you do not have your own in order.  Make an organized accounting system and keep track of all of your finances.  This includes receipts, expenses, and invoices.  As long as the system is consistent, it does not necessarily matter if it is paper or electronic; although, more and more companies are making the switch to electronic accounting services.
  • The next decision to make is whether you plan to go it alone or if you will need people to work for you to get jobs done.  This can depend on how many potential businesses you have lined up.  If the number is few, you may not have the income to pay for employees until you are more established.  You can always add more as your company grows.
  • To create an air of professionalism, get letterheads, business cards, and brochures made up with your marketing firm information.  Image is everything when you are recruiting clients.

There is a lot to do before opening up your doors but once you have a plan created and a “To-Do” List in hand, you will be all set to get started in the process of creating your own marketing firm.

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