Creating the success on the Internet with the Online Media Ad and Newspaper Advertising Agency

A company persona is the idea the customer has about the company; the proper image can save thousands of dollars each year in product innovation.

Are Advertising Agencies The Right Company Persona Creators?

There are many articles explaining the intricate details that carry the use of the Internet as an advertising and marketing medium; many of them will provide elaborate and sometimes even confusing explanations to why is it important to contact any of the many advertising agencies in your local area to adequately submerge yourself and your company in the virtual world that the Internet provides.

In some cases, they might be right and in some cases their perceptions might be a “little bit off” or, to put it in some elegant terms, paranoid.  The Internet is a wonderful medium that provides an almost endless opportunity for both providers and consumers to come in contact with each other, sell, purchase and even exchange products or services.  Naturally, there is little to no use for an advertising agency in such a matter and the company with its own guidelines and logistic steps can deal and solve any conflicts, queries and other forms of contact that pertain to such matters.

All in all, if the ad agency is not doing its job properly, then the company will certainly will not be in contact with its customers, while many literates sustain that this contact is neither wanted nor needed, truth is that companies that keep a close contact with their customers save thousands of dollars each year in workable suggestions, making the “creating department” a very rentable idea. This is because any company has to make sure that their products and services are always “hip” and fashionable, as a result of this, they usually spend thousands of dollars each year in “improving departments” whose sole purpose is to provide the company with new ways to sell the product even if it has been slightly modified.


Even so, generally, the biggest breaks and greatest ideas are given to the companies by their customers; the confidence in which any customer will approach the company to share his or her ideas, suggestions and even complaints is partly caused by the proper management in advertising services that the ad agencies do to their clients.  Their role is not only to provide media services in terms of the Internet advertising and online marketing campaigns and strategies, but in the creation of the ideal persona of the company.

While this service is fairly simple to make or provide their clients, it is not something that is easy enough that any media agency can provide it, and despite the fact that there are media agencies that are both able and willing to go that extra mile for their clients and seek to provide them with the persona that they are seeking to come in close contact with the clients and friends, if the media agency is not a full operating ad agency, the chances that they fail in providing the same type of service than an advertising agency do are high.

While everyone deserves the opportunity to learn and to experiment, it is important that the client (you) are willing to take the risk with a company that will certainly make their best effort but that might lack the experience that you are seeking in any other advertising agencies.  If you are willing to take the chance with an inexperienced company it is necessary for you to have at least a moderate experience in the type of persona creating services that experienced advertising agencies can provide clients like you; in this manner while you make the most of an inexperienced media agency such as a low rate and all the enthusiasm in the world, you won’t be risking your gain percentage nor the thousands of dollars in savings that customer’s suggestions can provide you.

Saving thousands of dollars in the improvement of their products or services can certainly sweeten the tooth out of anyone; nonetheless, it is important to keep in mind the first and foremost goal that any advertising agency has.  To provide advertising services as well as media services to their clients.  There are many advertising agencies that are fully aware of the advantages that it will provide to them to offer additional services to their clients such as the persona construction; however, these advertising agencies usually have higher fees than those simple ad agencies.

So, it is fairly easy to see that the retaining of an advertising agency is something that can provide even a bigger income or gain profit margin than what it will be invested by the covering of high fees.  Nonetheless, there are advertising agencies as well as ad agencies and even media agencies that are not experiences, and yet they claim that they are, this causes confusion and chaos in small or near bankrupt companies that have to face the deception of being embezzled by a company who did not know the basics on persona creation.

Once again, when you are choosing the right company from the many advertising agencies, ad agencies and media agencies it is important that you take the time to cross check their references and to conduct your own personal examination until you are certain that their degree of expertise and enthusiasm is the adequate one for you and you company.

If you conduct this thorough questioning and examination for your advertising services you definitely need to conduct it in terms of overall agency services otherwise the persona that the advertising agency, ad agency or media agency is creating might not only be the inadequate one, but it can cost you thousands of dollars, since your clients and customers will simply turn towards other companies that care about the persona that they are creating for their company.

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