Creating your Internet website for many current visitors online access counters.

Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 8/8/2009

How many times have you sat and wondered how many visitors online your web site has? Wouldn’t it be great to have a visitor’s online counter that could tell you exactly how many visitors online at your site there were at any given moment? Another great feature would be a counter that told you current visitors online as well as visitor internet access. It would be important to know how many visitors were on your web site at any given time so a counter for visitor internet access would be very beneficial. And how about if you were able to tell how many visitors were on each page of your web site at any given time? How about if you could monitor exactly which visitors were going to which pages and at what times? If you could monitor where visitors go once they are on your home page and click on your menu or navigation bar wouldn’t that be a great way to start strategizing for internet marketing and your promotional campaign?

There are many types of software on the market that business owners and even personal blog operators can purchase that have a visitors online counter as well as visitor internet access. For business people or personal bloggers who go with software of this nature you can usually tell how many visitors online at your web site there are at a particular time as well as how many current visitors online your web site has. Since many web sites have ‘members only’ areas you would still want to monitor visitors that were coming to your site to check it out. Maybe you could determine which pages were turning them off to your site or which pages they were hesitating at. The two most important things to consider when strategizing for internet marketing are 1) getting new customers to your site and eventually to buy your products or services and 2) once you have those customers purchasing your products or service you need to keep them and maintain their business. So if you were able to monitor when browsers were hesitating on your site, or when they left your site you would better be able to know what parts of your web site you may have to change.

If you are a business person and concerned about your business web site the benefits of knowing how many visitors are online at any given time is for market research. It would be through knowing this that you could determine what content you will put up at what times since you know the higher traffic times that there are many visitors online.

If you were able to track visitor internet access as a business owner you would be able to determine when visitors were coming online apart from your regular customers. Just as important as being able to track your members and current customers’ behavior on your web site would be monitoring any visitor’s behavior and movements on your web site. Understanding where they go from your home page will help significantly when moving forward with any internet marketing campaigns.

If you have a personal blog and want to invest in a visitors online counter this would benefit you much like it would benefit the business owner. If you know when there are many visitors online you will know when to update content and switch things around so your blog stays fresh and doesn’t get boring. Why would you want to promote and count visitors to your personal blog? Many people are gaining support and a following of people these days from their blogs. Many people are also facing opportunities to make money from their blogs. If you can prove to a possible advertiser that you have so many people visiting your blog during certain times of the day you are more likely to sell advertising space to that person or company. Also if you are able to track and monitor visitor behavior when coming to your blog you will better be able to understand your readers and put more appropriate content on your blog for them.

If you were able to track visitor internet access as someone with a personal blog you would be able to determine when visitors were coming online to your site. If you have a set time that you update your blog content each day it may be advantageous and beneficial for you to know when the fewest people are reading your blog. If you know when the fewest people are reading your blog you can then change out your content so when people ‘wake up’ and resume reading they will have new content. It would be like waking up to a new morning newspaper!

Market research is an extremely important component of internet marketing these days. A significant number of businesses have no idea how many visitors online they have at any given moment. With many business owners you could ask them how many current visitors online do you have? And they wouldn’t be able to tell you because they don’t have a visitors online counter.

Apart from market research there is another significant factor in online marketing and that is market ethics. Market ethics are exactly what they sounds like; ethics in the online marketplace. So how does a visitors online counter relate to market ethics? It relates to market ethics because it is one of the most ethical ways of conducting business and internet marketing today. Many companies are moving forward with different sorts of schemes and unethical behavior. By tracking visitors online counter you are upholding the standards of market ethics.

When considering internet marketing and tracking current visitors online there are many factors to consider including market research and market ethics as well as effectively tracking visitors, members and new customers to your web site and being able to determine which pages they are going to, when and for how long.

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