There isn’t any one way to make your business website stand out among the stiff competition, yet using custom website development can certainly give you an edge.

Custom web development involves creating and building a website from scratch in order to further tailor to the needs of your business and website. It uses customized software development, e-business solutions, portal and web application development in order to fit the needs of your e-business and give your website extra mileage.

To start with, custom web development usually starts with an image that represents your brand. This image is usually created in Photoshop, one of the most powerful image creation and processing tools around. In custom web development, the designer is given a great amount of creative freedom to create the look and feel of your site that your brand wishes to evoke. With your choice of illustrations, designs and color schemes, you’re limited only to your imagination.

After the initial creative stages, the developers then convert the design into something usable on the web, converting the images to formats that are compatible with the web using CSS, HTML and XML sitemap pages. Different sections of the site are marked and separated in this stage, then coded in order to bring functionality to those pages.

 custom web development

There are several advantages to going the custom web development route.

  • Starting from scratch. When beginning custom web development, you start straight from square one, with no website to your name. Once you get it built, however, it will be an entirely unique website that suits your brand. The color scheme and logo will be fitted to your brand image. Your entire website, then, will help visitors easily associate the site with your brand. Simple template have severe restrictions in how you can develop your site, yet with the custom development option, your options are nearly limitless.
  • Niche marketing. Custom web development is a great option when you are serving a niche market. If your business is unique in what it serves and what is demanded of it, then you will want a unique website that tells others that you serve something different than the competition. If you have very specific needs for your website that a template can’t offer, then custom web development is the way to go.
  • Visibility and control. Custom web development also enhances your online visibility, as well as the control you have over the website. If you opt for a template site, you don’t have control over the quality of the coding, which could be poor and downgrade your rankings. With a custom site, you won’t likely have such issues, as you create your code from fresh stock.

Your business, whatever the niche it fills, fits in an industry and marketplace that operates on the latest trends. Your business needs to keep up with the trends in your industry. You’ll find that, with a template sites, there’s little you can do to fluctuate or modify your scope of business.

Using simple template sites brings out another problem, perhaps the most important thing for a business site to deal with: security. With a custom-built site, you can customize and beef up the security on your site, whereas with template site, you’re very limited to what kind of security your site has, if any at all.

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