Define Keyword Density Analyzer Tool and its Impact on Search Engine Optimization

Keyword density, a SEO term, is defined as the percentage of times a keyword or phrase is found in the page content. Keyword density is designed for highly specific requirements and offers an optimum way of improving a website’s ranking in search engines. In context of search engine optimization, keyword density is one of the prime factors determining whether the web content is relevant in context of a specific keyword or phrase. Keyword tools that are readily available suggest the optimum keywords as well the number of times or their frequency of usage in the website for achieving better ranking. It is commonly believed that more times a keyword or key phrase appears within a web page, search engines extend more relevance to those pages and searchers frequent such sites.


The keyword density of a website gives the content the greatest chance of success in site optimization. Though it is possible to count the keyword phrases manually in context of the body content, but to make this task easier and quicker, numerous Keyword Analyzer Tools yielding more accurate results are used. There are numerous tools for analyzing keyword density. One of the most used tools is SEO Quake. This tool evaluates keyword density, being a plug-in for Firefox and Internet Explorer, provides more details than mere specifics on keyword density. It is quick and simple to download and, since it is a browser plug-in, it reveals 1 2 3 and 4 keyword phrases along with their density. Similarly, Keyword Density Analyzer is a powerful tool which, like the previous tool, provides more information than keyword density. It shows the location of keywords.


This permits web owners to initiate immediate changes in their text to improve the search engine ranking. The tool has a page limit of 30K. “GoRank” keyword density analyzer provides information on the location of the keyword phrase in the content. In the event of keywords being multi-phrased, the tool breaks the phrase and informs web client about the specific density of each word.


Other keyword density tools include :

  • Keyword Density Analyzer Tool – SEO Book : This tool is free and generally picks those words that are ignored by most search engines. The tool also uses a default list as well as enables web owners to know about the length of a word and the number of times it should appear in the text for the website to be crawled by search engines.
  • Keyword Density Analyzer – Motorierca : Allows web clients to use their own list of stock words or utilize their default list. It also displays 1 2 3 word phrases and their individual density.
  • Keyword Density – SEO Chat : Specifies the length of the keyword phrase which is most effective for the content. Only restriction being it is capable of analyzing up to 3 word phrases.
  • Keyword Density Analyzer – Keyword Locates the phrase that is being targeted, the density of that particular phrase and reveals the phrases having higher ranking.
  • Webjectives Keyword Density Analyzer : Displays the “weighted” density and provides the exact location of the keyword phrase.
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