Define Podcast and Learn about this System.

A Podcast is a series of digital media files that can be downloaded through Web Syndication and can be released from time to time based on its’ relevancy to the topic. This mode of delivery differentiates “Podcasting” from other means of accessing media files where direct download or streamed web casting are the usual practice. The term “Podcasting” was first mentioned in Februrary-2004 by Ben Hammersley in “The Guardian”.


e-Learning system defines Podcast as a type of computer programming tool which can define data types and structure along with the functions applied to those objects. This tool is used in technology for “Object Oriented Programming”. The free service is a resource in the e-Learning industry. The Podcast can help in describing important terms used by professionals Performance Management and Human Capital Management. The Podcasts are usually brief and designed specifically for busy executives and students who do not much time to spare. In a Podcast, there are three ways of participating in the discussion. Either the person can post a message to the blog or leave a web-based voice mail or call in personally to leave a message.


This technological marvel has been developed to deliver unique and economical solutions for creating, managing, measuring and improving the e-Learning programs of companies and organizations throughout the world. Corporations, government and non-profit organizations are using Podcast for on-line training and for improving performance, instructing employees, increasing customer acquisition and retention of employees. Podcasts monitor system performance and health of small i5/OS and discusses the purpose of monitoring the system, what they are and why they should be used. Podcasts also discuss about the tokenization which is an easier route to PCI compliance. Tokenization is related to web commerce and Podcasts discuss the ways of preventing tokenization from being a single point of failure. It also touches on the cost of tokenization compared to alternative approaches.


Podcasts enhanced with visual display covers technologies like BIFs, sub-procedures, CL, SQL and IFS which can be used with RPG applications. SiN Podcasts discuss the reasons why web developers should consider transitioning from DDS to SQL. However, nothing has been mentioned regarding the performance enhancement of SQL defined tables and indexes. Podcasts fail to mention the advantages of SQL defined tables and the fact that data is validated at the time it is written while in the case of DDS, the data is validated when its read. This is one of the significant benefits of using SQL as users are less likely to get garbage in their database. On the contrary, tables can be created since SQL defined tables support Primary Keys. This is one of the key benefits featured by Podcasts.


Keeping business skills updated is the need of the hour as it has become extremely significant to deliver knowledge skills rapidly and efficiently whenever required. Realizing this need, corporations offer on-going education to retain skilled workforce. Podcasts are extensively used by corporations as it cuts the cost of training, increases the flexibility and overall productivity which is reflected in the modern training patterns.

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