Define Press Releases and their Significance in On-Line Marketing.

Press releases clearly define target audiences and help the Internet marketer to easily comprehend their on-line visitors’ traits. This is believed to be one of the most popular keyword optimized content for SEO and other professionals in public relation. They have realized the value of press releases since, with the advancement of technology, the significance of press releases has undergone dynamic changes. They provide a substantial amount of content to news search engines and have a considerably higher rank in standard search engines like Google and Yahoo.


Research in various fields has revealed that consumers and journalists are intensively reviewing and studying press releases. In the event of optimizing press releases for specific audience makes it easier for that particular target audience to relate to that product. This enables this tool to become an asset for communicating news and attracting traffic to the company’s website. In view of this, it makes sense for marketing and PR practitioners alike to comprehend how to word press release content so as to make it easier for web users to locate. Certain guidelines have been suggested to optimize press releases. They include :

  • Having a well defined goal regarding the targeted audience of the press release.
  • Researching keyword phrases intensively.
  • Adding phrases to the title, sub-heading and body copy.
  • Using keyword phrases when linking to landing pages or other corporate website pages and refraining from “click-here” terminology.
  • Adding media to the releases (images, video and audio) along with alternative format of the release (MS-Word, PDF).
  • Using tracking codes in the URL which point to the press release in the landing pages for counting conversion.
  • Posting the Company’s press releases to the on-line news room.
  • Posting a blog post version of the announcement and include a link to the press release.
  • Distribution of press release via wire service such as PR web, market wire, PR news wire and business wire.


A single press release is believed to result in ten or thousands of new inbound links. The number of links depends on the quality of content and the reach. Powerful and compelling content is bound to attract more links. But in this context, it must be noted that press release is of little value if it is not comprehended by the persons perusing it. The single most important place to include keywords in press release is in the title tag so as to enable the similar text to be displayed at the top of the browser. This can be used as a hyper linked titled in the search results. The popularity of on-line news search can be gauged when report suggests that half of the Internet users visit an on-line news site in a given month.


This becomes all the more significant as all on-line news sites like MSN BC, New York Times and CNN, etc., are extensively targeted and read by web users. In such cases the content results in indirect traffic as links are detected by search engines. Press releases that are hosted by wire services rank well as these are based on factors like keyword placement and link popularity.

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