Definitions Marketing Consultants Los Angeles Should Know

Staff Writer:  Greta Frusha


Date: 7.30.12




With the mobile explosion, the mobile media vocabulary has exploded with it.  Marketing consultants Los Angeles need to pick up and learn this new lingo to stay ‘in the know’.  The sooner that marketers in the marketing services Los Angeles pick up on the new terminology, the better off the industry will be.  Some of the terms will become a part of pop culture and in turn will become possible keywords for advertising.  The terms listed here are essential industry terms that relate to mobile targeting that have been picked and clearly defined for veterans and newcomers.


“Geo-targeting” refers to the method of pinpointing an audience based on their location.  This can range from as wide as the state or as minute as an address.  Any advertising type can utilize geo-targeting for defining a location applicable for a campaign.  It also has the ability to target audiences in a minute location that is not capable with any other marketing medium.


“Geo-fencing” is the more specific application of geo-targeting.  A virtual barrier can be created around a defined area that usually has been determined with a geo-targeting strategy.  A geo-fence can go around an area as big as a state or as limited as a city block.  The smaller the geo-fence, the more hyper local it can become.  This is used in mobile ad strategy to trigger the eligibility to receive specific ads and notifications that is based on the location of the Smartphone user.


Data from when a user downloads mobile apps is a digital gold mine for mobile marketers.  The mobile app user goes through and agrees to a number of settings that regard their own personal data. This is referred to location, longitude, latitude.  Lat/long or GPS picks up signals from the Global Positioning System satellite network.  Users can opt to access location specific content like maps and movie listings.  This data allows for mobile ad targeting down to a city block.


Cell tower triangulation identifies all the devices operating within its range.  Accurate at the market level where multiple towers are in proximity to users in dense urban areas, this is used as a second layer to refine GPS information from mobile devices.


Registration data assigns location according to a user’s account address.  This is a less targeted type of data and cannot pinpoint user mobility in the way that GPS does.  UDID or Unique Device Identifier is a unique alphanumeric number that is associated with a device allowing developers to track their own apps.  UDID data access is fading.  Apple announced that it would start rejecting apps in their iOS App Store that utilized the code for UDID data access.  But app publishers are starting to redefine their own data access points by asking app users permission to access location specific data.


With the continuing growth and development of the mobile technology and user base, new essential targeting terms will develop along with the mobile industry while these terms may fall to the proverbial wayside.  Marketing consultants Los Angeles will need to keep themselves updated and informed when it comes to popular phrasing, and marketing companies Los Angeles would benefit from ensuring that their new specialists are properly educated in pop terminology.  Doing so will increase the likelihood of success within many markets accessible to both consultants and agencies.

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