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Staff Writer: Jessica Rennie

Date: 7.13.2012



Marketing is all about design and making a business look its best.  Marketers use pretty and descriptive words, eye catching colors, and anything else to capture the consumer’s attention.  Once that attention is captured, that is when the marketing begins and you as the business owner can sell your information or product.  It is all about appearance, though.  No one will know how great your merchandise is unless it can be presented in an appealing manner.


In this way, you could say that marketing is a lot like food.  There are a lot of food dishes out there that are delicious but just do not look appealing.  When food looks great, it makes the mouth water and you just want to dig in.  Those unsavory looking dishes have no eye appeal even if they do surprise your taste buds after the first bite.  But making a food dish look good is just the first step.


Have you ever noticed that the food you notice first on the menu is given an unusual name?  It happens a lot with ice cream flavors, especially with Baskin Robbins ice cream.  Here , you get flavors like Cherries Jubilee Ice Cream, Icing on the Cake Ice Cream, Splish Splash Sherbet, Gold Medal Ribbon Ice Cream, Love Potion Ice Cream, Rock ‘n Pop Swirl Sherbet, Lunar Cheesecake Ice Cream, Quarterback Crunch Ice Cream , Wild ‘n Reckless Sherbet, World Class Chocolate Ice Cream, and Winter White Chocolate Ice Cream.  It adds flair and makes it seem even more wonderful.  Rather than saying “Chocolate Ice Cream with Nuts”.  It is a clever marketing technique that shows that it is all about adding appeal.


Adding appeal is not a marketing technique that works solely with food products.  It can be used in every marketing aspect.  Since many businesses have started to display their merchandise online, including Baskin Robbins, it is essential that the web site has good eye appeal.  Web design courses Los Angeles would be a great place to start learning how to make a good looking website.  Just keep in mind that design is about the artistic colors and words but also about how easily the site can be navigated.


Creating an appealing website is only one start to marketing.  You also have to lead the customers to the website which brings in the next step of internet marketing: SEO.  As any SEO company CA can attest to, search engine optimization is the one of the most efficient way to make your website popular.  CA SEO works by creating links on other sites that, when clicked on, can bring the Internet user to your business’s site.  The services provided by an SEO company also include making your website easier to find when Internet users search on sites like Google for a business relevant to your own.


SEO leads in to the technical aspect of marketing but it really all starts with the design and appeal of the products and website.  While SEO may lead the consumers to the merchandise, it is the design, the names, and the appealing look of it all that keeps them coming back and remaining loyal customers.

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