Develop On-line Marketing Website For Better Business

Mandira Banerjea, Staff Writer

Date: 11-Aug-2010


  On-line marketing website has drastically changed the way businesses are run and promoted. The extensive usage of the Internet has considerably narrowed the gulf between big and small businesses. Small business owners in increasing magnitude are using the power of the Internet to bring their businesses out into the open. One of the most significant and powerful tools used in on-line marketing website is the business website. It gives the business brand awareness and credibility, which is at par with what big corporate businesses enjoy. However, this can only happen when the website owner creates a website for business and uses it the right way.


Some valuable tips have been outlined here for on-line marketing website in order to make them an extremely valuable promotional asset:


  1. Create a Social Network – Creating a social network with blogs, forums and overall     interactive community for free. Such sites provide an interactive platform for general users and business honchos. The whole procedure is easy and simple to use.


  1. E-mail Marketing – Through this technique the website owner can interact with loyal subscribers. This service also permits sending out a survey to the targeted audience.


  1. Selecting the right name – The website owner has to ensure that the name speak about the product explicitly. Utilizing the brand name often works well but only if people are able to recognize the brand. If the brand name is not popular or reputed, there is a good chance that the on-line marketing website would not rank well in search engines. In this context finding the appealing aspects that reflect the business activities and their range of products would be more effective than a mere company name.


  1. RSS Feed – When a company contemplates the establishment of a business related on-line marketing website, various options are provided by the hosting companies. It is advisable to check out some sites using the host, read and examine the layout and design. It is also important to consider a reliable technical support for the host. After, selecting the host, a professional team conceptualizes the plan, design and structure of the on-line marketing website.


  1. Develop Links – Many novice business owners maintain their on-line marketing website as a standalone tool for their product promotion. This actually does not prove to be effective, especially if the product is not well known in the market. The more appropriate thing to do is to put a link on the website itself. Furthermore, visiting other sites and requesting them to be linked to theirs indicates actual sharing of traffic.


  1. Attracting Affiliate Program Links – They add revenue to the site whenever someone clicks on them to buy the product. They also help in ranking the page higher in search engines.


  1. Using video – Previously people believed that using videos were unproductive, since they made the web page load slowly. However, today, customers expect a video to explain the product in detail. In addition, technology has advanced and on-line marketing website finds that loading times are no longer a problem.


The future of search is explained in three phases:


  • Web page content.
  • Page rank with links.
  • The most current version is a social search.


It is important to realize how social network interacts with social media to provide signals to Google search engine about the way web surfers view sites and rank them as most important and relevant.

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