Difference between Multilevel Corporate marketing and sales Campaign

Staff Writer: Max Smith

Date: 09/24/2009

Marketing and sales are very important in every business. Business will never be business without having these two. If you don’t have a sale then you may have poor marketing efforts but if you have a great sale, then it only means that you have an effective marketing strategy. However, the two are not the same. Unluckily, many business owners tend to be confused about it and they even describe and define it with the same meaning. Though marketing and sales compliment each other, still they are not the same and they are different from each other. There are some differences between the two. First, marketing is about searching for customers while sales are about letting the customers buy the product or services. Marketing is focused mainly on how to find new customers and entice them to buy the product being offered by the company. On the other hand, sales focus mainly on how to make a sale from your customers.


Second, marketing is about informing other people about how great the product is. Marketing focuses on educating your customers about the product or services. Moreover, how it would benefit the customers by purchasing it. Sales on the other hand, are about making sure that your customers were able to get the purchase. Marketing is broad while sales are not. Basically, marketing involves promotion, advertising, branding, and many more while sales is just for sales purposes. In fact, sales are even included in marketing and are just a part of the whole marketing process.


In order to increase your sales, you need to have an effective marketing strategy. However, applying the appropriate marketing strategy to your business is not an easy job. However, there are other strategies today, which have been proven effective in every business. All you have to do is to search for them on the internet. If you want them to increase your sales and profit profoundly, then you may want to use a multi level marketing strategy. Over the years, many people say that you need to stay away from companies using these strategies because they are frauds. In fact, there are many benefits in applying this strategy to your business. This particular strategy works by letting other people join the company’s sales team by becoming an affiliate. An affiliate is a person who represents the company and sells products or services on the company’s behalf. An affiliate will earn money based on a certain percentage with the amount of each product sold. However, the one who enrolled the affiliate to the program will also earn money with every sales generated by his representative. Becoming the head of an affiliate is quite advantageous because you get to earn money by letting other people do the job of selling for you and you earn more money for each sales made by your affiliates.


However, not all companies that have multi level marketing program are the same. Therefore, you have to make rigid investigations first before enrolling to the program. You can use the internet to look for different information that can help you get a reputable company that has MLM program. You can also ask someone you know who have been enrolled in the same program because they can inform you with the best program and company in the industry.


Engaging into MLM is accompanied with many benefits and one of which is the unending increase in sales. When you have various affiliates working for you then you can be assured that you could earn many profits and income. If you are the company owner, you can expect that there will be a dramatic increase in your sales. However, if you are the head of your own affiliates, you will be receiving money based from the percentage of the sales made by each of your representative. Therefore, it means that the more affiliates you have means more money going to your bank account. Second, you earn income by letting other people do the job for you. Technically, your affiliates are the ones who will do the advertising, promotion, selling so you won’t put a lot of efforts and you can just sit back and watch as your money increase. Lastly, as a part of the sales team, you will be eligible for trainings and seminars on how to sell so that you will be prepared when it comes to selling your product.


Managing your business is never an easy task. Even if you have different marketing strategies, you will still have a hard time in selling. If you want to have more sales and profits then you have to put many efforts with your marketing campaigns. Your campaign may include trade shows, events, publicity, telemarketing, print advertising, radio, TV and other traditional media. These types of campaigns are used by many business owners in increasing their sales and making their business known to many people. Competitions nowadays are tough so you have to make all means to ensure your business stays on top by doing an effective campaign. However, you may also try making your campaign over the internet. It is estimated that over millions of people are surfing the internet a day. Nevertheless, it means that making marketing campaigns through the internet is one of the best ways to advertise your product.

Campaign over your marketing is not sufficient for your marketing needs. You have to use corporate marketing. This type of promotional strategy is designed to inform consumers about the product or services being offered by the company and develops a positive reputation among their consumers. This type of promotion is centered to the different marketing aspect of every business which includes the promotion, advertising, pricing, branding and many more. The main function of a corporate marketing is to generate and improve the marketing strategies of the company. It also makes an appropriate plan of action if ever there will be problems with the product or services being offered in the market. They also implement new ideas and strategies that can greatly affect the increase of the company’s sales.

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