Different Types of Performance Marketing Campaigns for Engine Internet Marketing PPC Search

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 6.15.2012


Even though the goal of more traditional marketing campaigns, such as search engine internet marketing optimization, is to essentially bring more traffic to your website, more traffic may not necessarily mean more sales. Although search engine optimization services Los Angeles can help you rank higher on search engine pages and gain more web visibility, performance marketing measures success differently.

Performance marketing requires that a business pay only for advertising that directly leads to good leads instead of just consumer interest. There are several different kinds of campaigns for performance marketing.

One type of performance marketing is known as cost per acquisition, or CPA. With this kind of marketing, a marketer is paid after a consumer performs certain beneficial actions (such as making a purchase) that are a direct result of clicking or viewing on an ad. Whatever these actions may be that warrant payment are determined by the advertiser.

For example, even if a consumer signs up for the brand’s email newsletter, the advertiser may only constitute a good action as a consumer making a purchase as a result of the ad. With this kind of campaign, businesses are assured of acquiring certain data, such as the number of visitors, geographical targets, and set up.

Cost per sale is a kind of campaign wherein ad success is gauged by each sale made. If your business is heavily Internet-based, then this campaign is probably preferable and is a safer investment for those who wish for more concrete results.

Cost per fan is geared for more social media heavy businesses that have social marketing and engine internet marketing ppc search as their life blood. This campaign tends to generate more Facebook fans and “likes,” as well as followers on Twitter. On social networking sites, a user’s interests and likes are recorded, and Facebook will put out personalized advertisments to attract new and interested users.

Advertisers determine which consumers will already be interested in the product by several key factor demographics, including age, sex, geographical location, and purchase histories. Small businesses looking for a more affordable marketing campaign can easily opt for a cost per fan campaign.

With the cost per click campaign, companies pay advertisers for every click on an internet advertisement, which links them to the company website. The advertisement expires when it receives the amount of clicks you set for it, and the advertisement will no longer be visible on the website. This choice may be a bit pricey for certain businesses, but it’s also a great choice for businesses just getting their foot in the door and trying to gain visibility.

Any one of these campaigns may be vital to either starting your Internet business or gaining more followers and customers to your brand. What each of these campaigns has in common is not the promise of interest, but the guarantee of marketing and brand performance. Determining which marketing campaign is right for you will wholly depend on your brand, its budget, end goals, and the unique needs of your business and your consumers.

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