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“Staff Writer” Leontine Armstrong, August 14, 2009


A question you might ask yourself as you are creating a campaign may be something to the degree of whether or not do campaigns really have any effect on the public consumers. The answer is yes, they do a lot. They make the public aware of a business or product that might be useful to them in some way. If not for campaigns there wouldn’t be any business sales because no one knows about it until it is made public. Campaigns inform the public of important and valuable information about your business and product. The more people know about it the more your business will sky rocket. Without being informed about a product someone will not know what its purpose is. The campaign should tell the consumer what it is about and why it is important. Do campaigns just inform the consumer? No. They do more than just inform, they also should persuade the consumer. This is important because if you don’t persuade the consumer to buy your product the campaign might not reel in those viewers who might really like the product that is being pitched.


Digital campaigns are very interesting and useful in that they are able to keep up with a real time vote for anything up and running. The vote can be anything concerning what people thought of a new season of South Park to who they plan on voting for in the next big election. For example, voting online during and before elections will give the numbers for people who have decided to show who they voted for or are going to vote for. Another useful aspect of digital campaigns is the marketing aspect of using these campaigns. The public can register online and tell the questionnaire what they think about the election and where they heard about it.

One of the digital campaigns that is very widely used is the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire show. This show uses instant voting to help the contestant. The audience will take a few moments to vote and then their vote is being looked at immediately after the fact. This is a useful concept because it shows what people think instantly without having to wait for the results of a mass question.


All health promotion campaigns are aimed at helping to make the public more aware of important information that can help them live healthier lives. For example, if you go to the CDC government web page you will see many different health promotion campaigns starting with the 5 A Day campaign. In this campaign the CDC is discussing the promotion of healthier living by being aware that eating more fruits and vegetables will help to improve your health. Another one of their health promotion campaigns is called Choose Respect. In this campaign the CDC discusses the important factors of dating and what the young adult should do to avoid dangerous situations such as preventing dating abuse and its repercussions. Including the help from the Women’s National Basketball Association strengthens the message to the young adults giving them confidence and connections to the real world that can prove to be very influential in their decisions. There are many different health promotion campaigns that touch on subjects that effect all ages. Using these health promotion campaigns have helped and will continue to help people.


There are internet advertising campaigns that work well with the demand of the consumer and there are some that fall short. An internet advertising company online can promote your business or product very efficiently by using internet advertising campaigns in classified advertising and newspaper advertising on the internet and in physical print for the readers. Both are effective ways of advertising and it just depends on what you want to do with your advertisement. Another advertising campaign that is possible is a fax broadcast advertisement and email advertisements. These advertising companies can help you maximize your business, save you time and money. Using these companies online can be useful if you have a large amount of internet advertising campaigns and need a little extra help. If you have a smaller more centralized idea for your internet advertising campaigns it may be best if you work on the project for the specific target audience you wish to effect.


Ready-to-go campaigns is a website that helps businesses set up their campaigns and get them ready for the public. Go campaigns will help to optimize your business because they are structured and prepared to work to target your audience. The go campaigns that you may chose to use for your business will consist of utilizing other websites from your own web page that may work alongside your campaign. Finding a website that will support your campaign is important. It is also a good idea to see if the website has anything to do with your business or product. If it does then your business will have a higher success rate because the user is already checking out something that interests them and your campaign will be most likely noticed because of its similarities. If you put your campaign on a web page that doesn’t have a whole lot to do with your campaign that’s ok because the eye of the user will see a lot more than they realize.


A campaigns definition varies. You can be referring to a political campaign or campaigns that have a central theme and keep on going because they are popular. All campaigns are in some way promoting something that someone out there wants you to know about. The campaigns definition holds more than just one meaning and is a very big idea for the business, person or product that it is promoting from. A political campaign might show pictures of the person running for election and then have them talk about the community or the nation. Another kind of campaign could be one that is promoting a diet pill. The campaign structure will be very different because the idea of the diet pill is to allure in people who want to lose weight and have tried many other diet plans and diet pills that just didn’t work for them.

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