Digital Marketing Agency Los Angeles Explains How Video and Photography Drives Consumer Activity

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 6.14.2012


A research study done by a digital marketing agency Los Angeles showed that most consumers tend to research products online before going into the store to physically purchase the product. This is because people want to see and touch the product before purchasing it. A person’s visceral senses, including touch and sight, are crucial in taking in all decisions, not excluding purchasing decisions. Through visceral senses, a consumer gets the experience the product before purchase.

Before consumers get their hands on a product, they will usually see it, which is why both photography and video are such powerful and influential tools in a consumer’s buying decisions; a person wants to make a visual connection with a product before going for a kinesthetic connection. And as anyone in web marketing Los Angeles can tell you, it’s now easier than ever before to show vivid, high-quality images of your products and services anywhere on the Web. Now, it’s a matter of how best to promote these images in a way that will influence your consumers in the best way possible.

Before you plaster your web site with high quality images, you have to put your approach into consideration. Remember that each photo is a means to an end, so putting up beautiful images that are meaningless or don’t reflect your brand will confuse the consumer and will only hurt your business in the end. Instead, ask yourself what you are trying to accomplish with your photos or online videos. Consider the type of product you want to get out there and how to make it visually stimulating.

You will want to take different approaches with your photography, depending on the product. If the product is a high-impulse and expensive purchase, you may want pictures that are more detailed and exhaustive, perhaps even with a 360 degree capability.

Make sure, if it is an expensive or high-impact product, the consumer can take in a complete view of the product. Consumers will want to see, for example, if the computer has key inlets for certain chords, or whether it has a DVD drive.

An online video can also simulate how the product operates in real life. For example, if the product is a piece of clothing, a video allows the consumer to see how it fits and moves on a living model. Sometimes, special effects may be necessary to make products look as exciting as possible, such as with food photography.

When a consumer makes a visual connection, he or she will also tend to make an emotional connection. Emotional connections best occur when your images or videos have a story to tell. What kind of story do you want to tell through your products? What do you want to say with your brand? When you answer those questions as honestly as possible, along with high quality, forthright photographs and videos, you come across and transparent and trustworthy, which causes an emotional connection with the consumer.

When it comes to visually enticing content, it also doesn’t hurt to make it interactive. In fact, thanks to advancing technology, HTML5 and Adobe Flash are easier to afford and build on websites. Los Angeles search engine optimization services are also easy to attain, which can lead to more traffic to your website.  By understanding the approach that consumers use when they are purchasing products, you can drastically increase your sales.

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