Dilemmas in Choosing the “Real” Search Engine Optimization Expert When Choosing Search Engine Optimization Consultants

Staff Writer: Jessica Ross

Date: 7.11.2012

There’s always a danger in any business endeavor of running into scams.  The same is with search engine optimization consultants.  Even with Google’s Panda and Penguin fighting web spam, these so called “SEO companies” keep in business.

To the poor unsuspecting and/or “new” site owners, they seem knowledgeable and trustworthy.  Little do they know that what they are paying for and actually receiving are two very different things.  The ads they pay for are on things called spam blogs or “slogs” and aren’t getting seen by any actual traffic.

With Panda and Penguin in place that also keeps them from getting real results on search engines, if at all.  These spam blogs are poorly written posts that aren’t even on topic.  They contain links to fake article sites and are placed in fake directories.

While, yes, they point back to the sites that have paid for this service, the links are poorly designed and questionable looking.  These horrible so called SEO companies pray on the naive and internet-illiterate.  They stuff their shoddy articles and writing with the right keywords, but lacked proper grammar and are utterly rendered useless.  Web spammers obviously don’t believe in work and why should they when there are unsuspecting pray to be had?

So who do you trust?  How do you know you are using a true search engine optimization expert?  Web spammers know all the jargon needed to sound credible which makes it hard for the unsuspecting client to know the difference between truth and scam.  The best way is to ask for examples of their work.

If you already have an SEO company and you have lost significant traffic after Google’s Panda and Penguin were implemented, chances are your company is one of the spammers.  It’s time to get your money back!

They’ll use half-truths to try and keep you using their company.  They will show you your data and say that you are still bringing in traffic with long-tail keywords, which is true.  That’s only because those are the least popular searched, so of course they’ll render the most traffic.  Don’t fall for it.  These companies will also tell you that if you drop their service the traffic will plummet.

While they might drop, they would not be nonexistent.  One victim was actually told that her site wasn’t getting traffic due to her shopping cart feature not working.  Which yes, this will hinder sales, it will NOT affect traffic being directed to the site via search engines.  The company she used also put a banner on every page linking back to their “SEO company.”

Reputable SEO companies know that these things are considered spam and know how Panda and Penguin work.  Your site wouldn’t be caught up in the black and white net and wouldn’t have a traffic drop.  These spam companies can pressure you to stay and scare you, know that leaving them is way better in the long run.  You want a reputable site, not one associated with web spam.


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