Direct Color Elite Marketing Costs: Reaching the Customers in the Most Personal Fashion

Staff Writer: Max Smith

Date: 09/24/2009

The success of any business venture relies heavily on the effectiveness of its advertising and promotion campaigns. Any business who wishes to earn profits would need a wide consumer base. Advertising and promotions take care of this task. The importance of an effective advertising approach to the success of any business venture cannot be understated. Thus, the advertising sector is a very important aspect of any business.

Indeed, the importance of promotional campaigns has been recognized fairly well. This paved the way to the creation of numerous styles and methods of advertising. One of the most famous methods of launching a massive promotions campaign is through direct marketing methods.

What are direct methods of marketing?

Direct marketing is a promotion style that uses direct means to reach its target clientele. Direct methods are those that do not need an intervening form of media in the process. Intervening media types can be televisions, radios and newspapers. This filters out third party bias so that the information can reach the customers without much interruption or intervention from a third media form.

What are the outstanding characteristics of direct methods of marketing?

This promotion strategy is highly characterized by the direct interaction of the advertiser to the target customer. They employ means to reach the clientele in ways that are more intrusive than the other marketing styles. Another outstanding characteristic of this marketing styleis its aim of producing quick results or responses from its recipients. This quick response may come in various forms. The recipient of the said marketing stylemethods may be asked to join a free trial, visit a web page, call a number, answer a survey, buy a product and many others. Whatever the action asked of the recipient, its goal is to produce an immediate response that must directly follow the advertising campaign.

What are the forms of direct marketing strategies?

Here are some of the most common types of direct methods of marketing.

  1. Snail mails – A popular way to do direct methods of marketing is through the snail mail. A postal office includes leaflets, brochures, product samples, survey forms and other business related print outs together with the mail. Using this approach, the snail mail becomes a direct avenue to reach out to a wide client or audience. Sometimes, unsolicited snail mails that are irrelevant to the recipient are often called junk mails.
  2. E-mails – The wide acceptance of the electronic mail or e-mail has given it the great potential of being a marketing tool. Almost everyone has an e-mail address that we check on a regular basis. Business owners take advantage of this and send advertisements and campaigns straight to your e-mail. You can try sending product brochures and articles discussing a company’s product or service through the e-mail. The electronic mail could also handle videos, animations and other flash generated designs to make the promotion campaign more effective and attractive. You could also put web links in the e-mail to direct your mailing list to a certain web page. In this manner, you can maximize the use of the e-mail as a direct means of marketing. The counterpart of the unwelcome junk mail in the electronic mail is spam messages.
  3. Telemarketing – This strategy uses the telephone as a means to reach directly to the customers. Telemarketing involves calling directly home phones or mobile phones to deliver the advertisements and other promotions. The phone call may invite the client to a free product trial or to purchase the product itself. It can be more subtle like giving suggestions on the usefulness of the said product or service.
  4. Voice mails – As more and more people own a voice mail, this has also been increasingly used as a promotions tool. Through a voice mail, the company involved can send voice messages and invitations straight to their target clients. . Like the phone call or telemarketing strategies, you can receive direct messages that promote a company or organization. It may also ask you to join in a free trial or to purchase a product. Through the voice mail, a company gets to contact you directly and entice you to their trade.
  5. Personally promoting the products and services – This is perhaps the most direct way that an advertiser can reach his customers. Through personal promotions like live demonstrations and samples, the information campaign can directly reach the target audience. We often see this in shopping malls or other places where there are a big group of people. Marketing strategies that aims to use the personal approach would be more effective when done to a big number of people. In this manner, you can get to bring the message out powerfully to a large group. You can take advantage of big celebrations such as festivals and other special occasions. For example, if you are a company selling sweets, you can use the Christmas season to promote your product. This is a time when the demand is great and there will be a huge client base. Maximize this season and use personal promotions while there are people who will be actually interested and in need of your product at that time. This could be a powerful way to boost your sales.

What are the advantages of direct means of marketing?

Direct means of marketing are able to produce results at a quick time. Through this type of marketing strategy, quick responses are seen. You do not have to wait for a long time to see results. Another interesting advantage of direct methods is that you can safely attribute the results to the campaign done. In other advertising tools, some factors may have contributed to the success or failure of the campaign.

What are the disadvantages of direct means of marketing?

This marketing strategy also has its down side. Sometimes these direct methods can become irritating to the recipients. They may not appreciate the bulk of advertisements in their snail mails or e-mails. The voice mails and phone calls may also be an unwelcome interruption to daily activities.

Direct Methods of marketing, a focus on the elite group

A technique to be successful in direct marketing strategies is to focus on an elite group or target group. Elite marketing calls the advertisers to focus the campaign on a small group of clients who will actually be interested in the campaigns. An example of the application of elite marketing principles is seen n this situation. A company on hair products will only send snail mail advertisements to households who signed up for it. In this manner, there will be less people who will be irritated with the campaign.

The role of colors on direct forms of marketing

Color marketing is the proper use of colors to make products and services more attractive. This increases the attraction of customers and potential customers on the advertisement and other promotion materials. Color marketing, when applied to direct methods of marketing will boost the campaign’s success. Whenever you open a snail mail, attractive color and color patterns will make you open the said mails.

Marketing costs in Direct Methods of Marketing

There are always costs involved in any promotions campaign. To succeed in any marketing endeavor, marketing costs should be controlled. If the expenses in direct instruments of marketing are too much, then you should combine it with other promotion strategies.

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