Drip, Car and College Advertising Campaigns You Can Use

“Staff Writer” Leontine Armstrong, August 14, 2009


There are many different types of advertising campaigns out there.  Finding advertising campaigns that really work for your business in particular is the important thing. The best advertising campaign out there might work for selling cars, but it may not work for you. Finding an advertisement that fits with what you are trying to do is key. If you have a food service business you may want to create flyers advertising it. For example, you can create a masterpiece item of food you have on the menu and take pictures of it with the restaurant or building it is located in. By doing this you have created a visual stimulation to the reader showing them your wonderful food and showing them the beautiful place your business is. By sending out flyers you can target customers who might be interested in a business that starts from the basics of sending out simple, yet effective, advertising campaigns. Also, using these flyers locally will create a great amount of business from the community. Using the community will help keep a constant flow of customers going into your business. The result will be their feeling a sense of togetherness and trust because it is a pleasant experience they share in a place they live.


The kinds of advertising campaigns that help out small businesses and large businesses differ greatly. Many small businesses rely heavily on the community for their business and use that to create as many pleasant experiences as possible. Larger businesses may use more methods of advertising such as commercials nationwide that many people can see at one time. These kinds of advertising campaigns usually work well for large businesses because they already have a lot of business and want to expand the amount of customers they have.


Car campaigns consist of several different aspects. One thing you can do is to create a banner with a catchy slogan and creative drawings and take it to an auto shop to have the design painted onto your car. The catchy slogan and the creative design along with intricate colors will catch the eyes of onlookers. Using this kind of advertising campaign will help to promote your business through rural and urban areas if you drive around a large amount of time. The interesting thing is that people are very interested in seeing moving vehicles with advertising on them so they can’t help but finish reading what is on the car if they have a chance. Using a four wheel drive truck, for example, to promote dirt bike racing and motorcycles will catch more eyes. The reason for this is because trucks transport small motor bikes such as these and the advertisements are more useful in being on the truck instead of a car for this specific reason. So making a choice on the vehicle you put your business advertising campaign on makes all the difference. If you promote a nail and hair salon you would probably want to put the advertisement on a more feminine looking car. It would be this way because making that physical as well as visual connection goes far when advertising for a specific type of business.


There are a few ideas that come to mind when thinking of what college campaigns are. Campaigns that surround the style of colleges can be considered college campaigns if you promote your business there. Most businesses will promote their business at colleges because college students usually are in need of some money to pay tuition, books, rent, food and much more. So looking into colleges and campaigning there may help your business if you are both looking for workers and looking for business from the college students. Most college students don’t know what their specific major will be for quite some time. Others do know what they want to do within college and will find many different intern jobs through the college campaigns on campus. A student who wants to do social work may run across a booth advertising another college that specializes in the MA for social work. As this student finishes with his/her BA in social work they might consider going to this college. This college has created more business because it has possibly just recruited a student.


If you are looking to promote your business differently then college campaigns may refer to passing out cards for a new bar or club that is trying to get more business. This example is very useful because the average college student is twenty one or is turning twenty one very soon. So for this kind of business we see how well it works because college students are around the legal age of drinking.


Drip campaigns are the type of campaign that will keep on giving after you have formed it and sent it out. These form of campaigns are a series of automated email campaigns that will send automatically to the reader for the time and day you set it up. These are very useful because it gives you the chance to give steps to the emails. Such as telling the reader about how you can brighten your teeth in just under two weeks. After this initial email you would have another one sent out after a short period of time to have the reader check their status and progress using the product. This next email would have some of the same information given before in the previous email but with some new information. After this new information is introduced the writer can make sure that there is information leading up to the next email that will be sent out. Each of these emails should be written in order and delivered on a consistent basis so that the business is seen as well organized and steady in its production of products and customer service. This drip campaign will help to keep readers interested and waiting for the next email they will receive.

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