Dummy Mistakes that Can Be Easily Fixed by a Search Engine Optimization Consultant

Staff Writer: Jessica Ross


Date: 7.11.2012




There are a few over looked mistakes that can hinder traffic flow or even bring it to a complete stop.  They are simple fumbles and are easily remedied by hiring a search engine optimization consultant who would catch some of these.  Some are as simple as a click to allow Google to index your site others occur during the ongoing conquest of increasing traffic.  It’s easy to be taken in by software that pray on your need to boost your site’s signal, but you are wasting time and money.  There is no magic number of keywords to use or include in your content to increase traffic flow.  Tweaking your site’s keywords really only requires common sense and keeping your target audience in mind.   It is the simplest and quickest way to turn visitors into happy and repeating customers.  Which in turn brings in more traffic.



Accidentally telling search engines you wouldn’t like your site to be found via search engines can definitely halt your traffic.  It’s like playing “hide and seek” without a “seeker.”  If you use Google’s Chrome there is an extension to help keep you from missing those sneaky “tick” boxes that prevent your site from being indexed in Google’s database.  “Nofollow” will highlight and has a pop up window to keep you from over-looking this detrimental oversight.



Another mistake that can be easily made is improper redirecting of old sites.  Most don’t pay attention to those silly little number codes when a page is redirected or given an error code.  Who knew that a 302-redirect would keep both pages active in Google’s search engine and not roll over the views? This causes problems because not only are you in competition with other sites but your old one as well.  Be sure when you change or redirect a webpage that you use 301-redirect as it will combine the old and new page views of both pages and not cause issues with PageRank.  Also 301 won’t cause duplicate data to be made while 302 would.  This could free up a lot of traffic and help raise your new site’s popularity by not having to start at the bottom.  Remember to shut down the old site as it will hinder traffic and search engine hits.



A common mistake that sites make is that when they write their content they write as though they are speaking to someone like themselves instead of the common peruser.  This is something search engine optimization consultants need to watch out for, because while it might sound very “professional” the everyday viewer shouldn’t need a translator to read the content.  Keep this in mind while writing.  You should also not “push” about how great you are.  Instead, talk about what’s in it for the viewer.  What can they get out of buying from you?



Addressing these simple over-looked mistakes can greatly increase your traffic and business.  While there are plenty more mistakes to be made, hopefully these tools and search engine optimization consultants will help get you headed in the right direction.


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