Effectively generating traffic to your site through clicks and free clicks.

Web advertising plays a vital role in marketing your business.  With its cost efficiency and exposure, you can literally reach out to the world globally, whereas without the net, the means of advertising would be unaffordable to reach an audience this big.  There are many means of advertising on the net, and many places to get your feet wet.  A large pocket book is not necessarily necessary, as free advertising resources are tremendous.  A great place to start is focusing on getting your website ranked high in the search engines.  This is necessary to increase your company’s exposure, to increase its business.  Visitors also referred to as “clicks”, will help to do this.  Focusing on clicks to your site should be included in your strategic goal in marketing you business.  There are many means of drawing clicks to your site, among them are through free means of advertising.


One thing to consider is your audience.  You do want new exposure, but you also want to generate clicks from an audience that is interested in your product or services, increasing your sales.   Can a targeted audience be reached through free advertising?  Yes.  Free clicking to your site, can be achieved through free advertising.  There are many safelists for example, that will allow you to opt to send to a target audience, within the safelist.  Another means is through posting articles regarding your business or product; this would also bring free clicks to your site.  Text ad exchanges, forums, surf sites, and message boards are all great places to begin with marketing your business.  By posting on these sources you will not only receive clicks to your site, you will gain higher ranking in the search engines, giving you more exposure to a even larger audience. Although this will not happen with just a few clicks, it a source that will help to increase your site clicks.


Although you can not guarantee that every time someone reads your ad they will click on your site, there are a few places were the odds are increased.  Many safelists and text ad exchanges have points for members to read the ad, which in turn, allows them to advertise through solo ads or credited mailers, ensuring site clicks.  Both text ad exchanges and safelists are a great place to receive free clicking to your site.


Finding a strategic plan for your company’s progress is important.  Whether you plan to lay the ground work yourself or to seek the help of a professional, advertising is important.  If you are approaching your sites advertising through free clicking, there are still a few things that you will want to consider.  Email campaigning is an effective means in advertising, along with article submissions, text ad exchanges, and forums, however, you need to have an ad that sparks the attention of the reader, so that they click on your link.   There are many professionals out there that offer the services of writing effective ads or articles for advertising your company.  Site clicks are mandatory in increasing your ranking in the search engines, and an effective ad or article campaign will help to insure your clicks.  Every visitor means one free click to your site.


Article submissions are another great way of increasing clicks to your site.  There are many software’s that you can download for free.  When writing an article to submit, keep in mind that your goal is to gain a customer, you have this one chance to get them to click on your site through the information you are conveying in your article, producing a site hit and hopefully a customer.  Often times, wording is everything.  Make certain that you take the time to layout your article and make it something that grabs the reader or sparks their interest and curiosity, or higher a professional to do so.  This could mean a great difference in volume to your business.  Always remember, every potential reader is a potential click.


Text Ad Exchanges are a great source of free clicking.  Through these sites, members receive points to view other member’s ads.  This may sound like a bunch of net marketers rolling their ads around to one another, but it too, is effective.  These members are interested net marketers and often times are looking for new opportunities.  You will receive a great amount of clicks to your site and possibly increase your sales and members.  Generating traffic to your site through text ad exchanges is a great place to generate free clicks and exposure.


Surf sites also are a place to gain site clicks.  Your site is put in a rotator with other sites and they are all rotated to the members to view.  This form of free clicking is productive as well, and very popular among net businesses.


Forums and message boards are another source of free clicking and a somewhat intimate place to gain potential customers.  Members reading your ad on the forums or message boards have the opportunity to ask questions and leave messages back to you.  This form of free clicking can be very effective in gaining customers and you may find that you attract the attention of people that were not even interested, but were interested in the reading of what other readers have posted to you.  At the least, chances are they will click on your site out of curiosity.


A strategic plan is necessary to increase your company’s business and sales.  Traffic is a must.  Site clicking increases the volume of visitors to your site, which in turn increases your ratings in the search engines, which increases your ranking.  You could literally go from page ten to page one in a matter of weeks with an effective campaign.  Clicks mean exposure and increased sales.  Market effectively and your business may soar to the top.


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