Enhancing your web SEO services with tools from Google

Staff Writer: Katrina Pallop

Date: July 26, 2012

If you are a webmaster and still have not set up your Google Webmaster Tools account, you need to remedy that situation immediately. For exactly zero dollars a money, you have access to important information straight from Google. This is the most important and direct way that Google has of communicating with webmasters, and can greatly enhance the success of your web SEO services.

Here is a list of a handful of the tools and services that will be available to you with GWT, straight from http://searchenginewatch.com/:


            A tight security system is in place for the purpose of protecting you and your interests on GWT. There are four levels of security in place: 1. Add a HTML tag that you can insert into the head of            your homepage. 2. The GA option (meaning Google Analytics), which lets you verify your identity     through your GA code. 3. The DNS Method helps you trace your way back to your account   information.


            This screen gives a quick idea of the important information that is the core of GWT. There are      several widgets, the descriptions of which are soon to follow.


            Google communicates with its webmasters with this tool, to inform users of possible infections of             malware, or indications of any other problems. Not all messages are bad news, sometimes they are merely congratulatory!


            Here, you can send very specific directions to Google about the nature of your site. There is a     very important crawl rate option that lets you slow the rate of Google’s spider’s crawl. The crawl          rate is a vital concern of webmasters, and is based on how often you add and update content.


            This is how Google decides that a particular site is an authority for a particular keyword. You can             specify, if need be, pages that you don’t want included through sitelinks for whatever reason.      Reviewing your sitelinks periodically is always a good idea.

            URL Parameters

            Through canonical tags, this feature has been rendered mostly obsolete.

            Change of Address

            This is where you can alert Google that you are moving your entire site to a new domain. Rather   than Google having to self detect this change, you can get a jump on the transition.


            You can verify administrators and users for your account at different levels of access with this    tool.


            Here, you can associate different Google accounts with your GWT account. This allows official    connects to be made, instead of going through the extra hassle of switching back and forth between enterprises.

            Crawl Errors

            This is where Google will let you know about problems with the updating of your content. This is one of the most useful tools available on GWT that lets you identify issues as they arise on your     page. GWT will shows you errors, pages, and graphs in question for that error so you can see if      it’s been a quick change or not.

There are dozens of other tools and features available to you through GWT, like crawl stats, malware, and search query tools. What’s important to take away from this is exactly what exhaustive web SEO service is offered by GWT, and how wise it would be to set up an account!

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