Ethical Web Marketing Search Engine Optimization to Meet Ultimate Goals

Staff Writer: Jessica Ross

Date: 7.17.2012



The final goal of most websites is to make sales and collect leads.  It’s important to keep that in mind when looking at your web analytics program.  Part of your web marketing search engine optimization should be to optimize the product and/or service pages.  That way if a viewer’s search results pulls up to the product page they’ll be more likely to purchase it.



“Large conversions,” such as leads and sales, are harder to do.  Anything that costs is going to be a hard sale versus something free.  Some of your viewers aren’t looking to buy right away.  Not to say there’s not a potential buy in the future.  Some might just be researching your industry, others are possibly checking to see how they can do what you’re doing.



Adding helpful content can possibly sway those that aren’t quite ready to buy and will boost traffic to your site.  Free articles, a bog, videos, and contests are all content that could help persuade those that are on the fence still.  The problem with adding more content is the viewers who just come for the info and leave.



Instead of letting the free loaders leave without converting them on some level, add a free newsletter, ask them to follow you on Twitter, and/or “like” your Facebook page.  Do this by adding an attention getting statement at the end of your articles, “Like us on Facebook to get the latest information.”  Make sure what you’re offering is stated clearly.  You’d be surprised at how many visitors won’t realize you are not just a fountain of information, but providing the product or service.  Have a banner somewhere on your page that says, “Click here to see how we can help you today.”



Once you set up these other ethical search engine optimization marketing techniques, you better follow through with them.  If you promised a weekly newsletter make sure it goes out.  The same goes with “how-to” videos, contests, tweets, and Facebook posts.  Nothing will weaken your business’ credibility quicker than asking for their email and social media account names to just just hand it all over to a sales team, when you promised more.



If your website is showing lots of smaller conversions, but no revenue, the content might not be providing what the visitor was looking for.  This happens when you gear a page more towards search engine results instead of focusing on the visitors.  Make sure the content meets people’s needs.  Smaller conversions are what you need to concentrate on to secure future large conversions.



You want your website to be remembered when your visitors finally want to buy your product, You want them to only want to buy from the website who helped them from the very beginning of their journey in deciding what to buy.  Build personal connections with your visitors and customers, have your SEO marketing consultant help build a marketing funnel to maximize the chances for a sale.  You will profit from your hard work in the end.


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