Evaluate the Importance of Meta Tags in SEO

Meta Tags are defined as the most important aspects of web pages. The unique Meta Tags create the most resourceful keywords on the website. Using Meta Tags facilitate robots’ movements as they inform the bots about particular sectors of the site which needs indexing. Search engines are however not greatly impressed with Meta keywords but they help in the search engine efforts as these Tags assist in directory submission of the websites. The Meta keyword tags are more helpful for the non-human site visitors to identify the vital aspects of the website.


Web owners desirous of getting the top ranking in search engines need to add “Meta Tags” to their web pages. The results would reveal immediate improvement in the ranking and may even skyrocket the website to a premier position in search engine listing. Nowadays, the most predominant feature of HTML Meta Tag is that it provides website owners the facility to control, to a certain extent, the way web pages would be described by search engines. It is also a way of preventing some pages from being indexed.


Meta Tags are information / details inserted in the headlines of the web pages. Only the Title Tag in the head area of a web page is seen by the browser while the Meta information is used to communicate information that a human visitor may not be interested in. Meta Tags inform a browser the type of “character set” to utilize or whether a website has self rated itself. The two types of Meta Tags are placed between the “opening” and “closing” Head Tags. The HTML Title Tag is not exactly a Meta Tag but it is correlated with Meta Tag since whatever text is placed in the “title tag” appears in the reverse bar of a browser when viewing the web page.


The Meta Description Tag provides the web owner the tool to influence the description of the page in the crawler that supports the Tag. The text that is being depicted in the descriptive account goes between the quotation marks after the “content” portion of the tag.


The Meta Keywords Tag provides additional text for crawler based search engines and is useful in reinforcing the terms that the browser may think important. It also boosts the web page ranking and is beneficial as it reveals synonyms or unusual words that do not appear in the web page content. At times, web users search for a single item but use different search terms. This frustrates the browser as they are unable to locate the appropriate content for that particular subject. In such cases, mentioning the search term separately in Meta Keyword Tag guarantees that the website ranks better and is identified by the searcher. The Meta Robots Tag is supported by most search engines. There are other Meta Tags which are specifically designed for internal search engines to index. Overall Meta Robot Tags enjoy full support only the when the website owner does not want some pages to be indexed.

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