Evaluate the Role of Rank Checker in SEO

The real power of Rank Checker tool can be gauged as it evaluates the keyword rankings revealed by the Rank Checker reports. The reports are illustrated as the site owner, after its usage, finds how speedily they move up in the search engine results page. The procedure involves selecting the keywords the site owner wishes to evaluate. It can be obtained by pressing on the “check button” on the keywords tabs which makes the Rank Checker tool operative. With just one click, the over-all checking of the site’s ranking can be performed. As soon as the rank checking is completed, the keyword tabs can be switched on to assess the importance of the site’s ranking in search engines based on their chosen keywords.


The software keeps on checking the ranking consistently and the site owner can view the progress of their site. The software keeps the record of every individual check to provide a clear-cut search engine ranking report. The tool does not require the search engine’s API keys. It provides a great solution to multiple queries problem with its cutting edge technology while the working of this tool is also safe and search engine friendly. Whenever the site owner wishes to check the ranking on international search results, the search engine Page Rank Analyzer is the SEO software that has been designed specifically for retrieving Google page rank values for the website. This has a user-friendly interface and offers the possibility of excellent traffic generating opportunity.


The free tool rank checker checks the rank of keywords on any website on reputed search engines like Yahoo, Google and MSN. It is simple to install and is compatible with Windows and Windows XP. This customizable SEO tool facilitates automatic search engine rank checking and keyword research. It can also store the data of unlimited number of websites and analyzes the on-line performance. Website owners who update themselves about search engine marketing know that for successful Internet marketing they need to pick and target right keyword and phrases as this is an integral part of their marketing campaign. Each technique becomes useless in spite of the site being optimized with a number of quality links if the website is not targeting the right keywords and phrases. The Eight key mistakes organizations often make while selecting the keyword phrases are :

01)      Targeting those keywords that people rarely use.

02)      Tendency to confuse the popularity of keywords with their appropriateness in proper place.

03)      Not being familiar with user intent while selecting keywords.

04)      Opting for single word keywords.

05)      Misalignment of keywords.

06)      Not taking the competitive aspects of keywords seriously.

07)      Lack of updating and periodic review of keywords.

08)      Lack of time to perform good keyword research as well as absence of sufficient resources.


One needs to be careful while selecting keywords for ranking well in search engines. Such caution ensures that the selected key phrases do not unintentionally conflict with unrelated industries and hamper the site owner’s objective of attaining premier position in search results page.

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