Evaluate Why Keyword Research Analysis is Vital for SEO

The objective of search engine optimization (SEO) is to enhance website’s traffic counts and conversions by making the site’s content worthy of higher search engine ranking. This guarantees that the website is more relevant and competent than the competitor’s. Choosing the best set of keywords is the most vital aspect of online marketing campaigns. Considerable time and planning is required during campaign set up so that the marketing campaigns can research the best keywords for optimum web traffic. It is good idea to select more specific keywords than general ones as such keywordsattracts a relevant set of visitors to the website and is also likely to be cheaper. After selecting the keyword phrases, the type of keywords matching with the search engines like Google also has a major impact on client’s “click through rates”.


Maintaining a top organic SEO ranking requires constant keyword monitoring and information network. All that is necessary is utilizing the sample keywords and by brainstorming techniques combining the words to make a complete list. Excessive use of keywords in site content however causes a search engine to ignore the web page. Using multiple keywords with the same root called “stemming” would not create any problem when the text reads naturally. Adding compelling keywords, especially two and three word phrases, in the content without losing the message is important. Keeping the Title and Description tags as short as possible prevents diluting the keyword impact.


For shopping-oriented sites the content is commonly on shorter pages of about 250 words. The keywords should appear as the most significant phrases on web pages and they need to link the pages together. The website owner should use as many keywords as they can in a natural and grammatically correct way in their opening sentences, since this sets the topic for the page and contributes to the theme of the site. It is necessary to place the best search words throughout the displayed content of the web page. Subject experts always write content that is considered much better than a rambling text with randomly inserted keywords.


Some of the keyword research data from the Search Engine center is specifically on Search Term Counts. This tool yields better result as it is more illustrative than the competitive keywords. The search parameter “In Title” counts in Google and Yahoo provides the pages where the term is specifically used in the Title Tag. This reveals to the website owner the number of pages that are truly focused on that particular term / phrase rather than those pages that have the search terms placed randomly in the content. The “In URL,” “In Anchor” and “In Title” combination counts are very precise keyword analyzer tools that definitely give an idea of the number of pages that are seriously targeting the audience with good SEO practices and particular search terms. The “In Anchor Count” reveals the number of serious SEO competitors designing a web page.  The common usage and phrase combinations enhances the word character and gives a good idea of those terms / phrases that commonly precede or follow a given term / phrase.

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