Even for Dummies Search Engine Optimization is Possible. Reaching the Top Ten and staying there, for help, just ask Jeeves

Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 8/22/2009

Search engine optimization goes way beyond the submission of a website to the search engines.  Every well rounded marketer is aware that their productive marketing campaign begins with the production of their website.  An attractive and well designed website will be a key element in your campaigning.  Your keywords and keyword phrase along with relevant content will help the Internet marketer to succeed.


When designing your website you will want to take into consideration what you are offering or selling to your prospects.  Say for instance you have a site that has many products or a site that has much information in article form; you may wish to consider putting a site search engine on your site.  This is convenient for your user and an often time produces a return customer.


A site search engine can be installed on your site quite easily.  You will start with the installation of a Perl search engine script or PHP search engine script.  You will need to check with your web hosting and make certain that you have the facility to install and run the PHP or Perl script on your web account.  There are an array of Perl scripts and PHP search engine scripts for free.


To understand search engines you may wish to consider The Spider’s Apprentice or Spidap.  Their sole purpose is to offer the marketer search engine help.  Questions will be to help you with your understanding of the search engines.  Such as how they work, the meaning behind results, the most useful search engines and the most efficient search engines, how to improve searches, how to find what you are looking for easily, how you can utilize search engines to draw more traffic to your website


The Spider’s Apprentice:

  1. Provides services to web users and webmasters since 1996.
  2. Help with how to improve website ranking in search engines
  3. Help educate on the use of meta tags
  4. Help to educate on the use of keywords and keyword phrases.


You can visit The Spider’s Apprentice at:




Obviously when marketing, the marketer is interested in having their site listed in the top 10 search engines.  The most known top 10 search engines are Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Ask in the leading places and then there is a bit of dispute as to the listing of others.  Jeeves search engine is also another popular search engine in which one can ask questions and have them answered.  The search engine is also known as Ask Jeeves in the United Kingdom.  This search engine was established in 1996 and is also a leading search engine.


Listing in the top 10 search engines is extremely important for the web business.  It is also important to have your website listed in as many search engines as possible.  International search engine are another consideration and should not be overlooked.  Meta search engines will draw from the database of many search engines including the lesser used search engines.  Search engine submission should be done monthly by the webmaster or through a paid service.  Typically with a paid service they will track your campaigning as well.  There are a number of different professional services that will offer a combination of plans ranging from low budget into the higher dollar packages.


Search engine optimization is knowledge and work.  It is not an impossible task for any marketer and anyone can learn it quite easily.  Search Engine Optimization for Dummies by Peter Kent is one such book that will teach the marketer search engine optimization.  The book covers typical questions such as why some sites rank in the top listings when you search and why some don’t, how to make your site rank in the top listings of the search engine results, how to create sites that the search engines like and how to make them chose your site in their leading results.  The book shows the reader how to get more visitors to their website through more visibility, which search engines are the most important, what they look for in a website, what they dislike, how to get your website among the best indexes and directories, and also the most cost efficient way to spend advertising dollars on.  The book will take you from step one learning search engine strategy to building pages that offer visibility.  It will teach you how to chose keywords and track and measure your advertising campaigning results, how to increase your exposure with shopping directories and retailers, how to boost your position with different techniques and how to use Pay Per Click to get the most advertising for your dollar.  The book will help you to become a marketer and a successful marketer, giving you the ingredients and knowledge that you require.


Search Engine Optimization for Dummies is one way for a marketer to learn search engine optimization.  It is an affordable book priced below $30 USD.


When studying all the angles of Internet marketing and learning the techniques necessary for successful marketing, the marketer knows the direction of what, where and how they need to go in their campaigning.  Search engine optimization is your success on the Internet through your marketing.  With proper search engine optimization you will increase your visitors to your website which in turn will increase your sales volume thus increasing your company’s revenue.  The goal of every marketer is successful search engine optimization.


The cost of campaigning will vary depending on the avenue you take.  If you chose to build and campaign yourself then obviously the cost will be much less.  Should you decide upon a hired professional the cost can be anywhere from a few dollars into the thousands.    It will depend greatly on the techniques you chose to promote.  Granted not too many professionals would touch a campaign for a few dollars but many will begin around $100.  This is an area of expertise for the skilled professional and they relish their job.  There are few Internet marketing professionals that don’t take pleasure in assisting their clients to the top of the charts.  Look for a professional that is skilled and has the background knowledge.  A certificate, degree or training course, this is often times your best bet.


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