Everyone is searching for ways in which to build retirement.

Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 9-14-2009

The World Wide Web has opened the doors of opportunity to everyone, worldwide.  The brother in India and the sister in Egypt, bringing each on a walk of life which they have united in the hopes of working from home and gaining financial freedom.  It has been a gathering of people with dreams of stability working to achieve their goals through online promotional marketing.  It has become the goal across America and the goal across the globe for many individuals and many individuals are making this dream come true.  It is a future for many with no future and has become an education that much of the world has begun to learn.  It is the promotion marketing of the World Wide Web and it is answering many prayers for many individuals.

Internet marketing began in the 1990’s and has grown to become a billion dollar industry.  Both traditional businesses and storefront businesses alike are involved in and has become the most popular form of media for many traditional businesses.  The World Wide Web is an affordable address as the piece of land is rented and is normally priced at a few dollars a month.  It is the biggest global world in history and the land of opportunity.  The World Wide Web is a marketer’s delight.

Promotional marketing on the World Wide Web will begin with promoting your website.  This may be the website which you constructed for your traditional business or it may be an affiliate website or a landing page in which you constructed.  The beginning of promotional marketing will be to begin with search engine acknowledgment.  This will be accomplished a simple search on the Internet search engine using the term submit my website to search engines for free.  There will be many search engine submission sites that show up to submit search engine free for your online business link such as submit web page in Google and submit my URL to MSN as well as many directory sites that will submit to a number of search engines free of charge.  There are the paid search engine submission sites as well and these typically submit your link to the search engine sites regularly.

Once submission of your website through the search engines your work is about to begin.  Positioning in the search engines is the key ingredient to success.  You must rank high in the search engines to gain the exposure that will bring success.  If your product is a popular product or service in which there are thousands of listings if you are ranked on page thirty compared to page one the views to your site will not be comparable.  It is a must to be ranked high in the search engines. Remember to use the submit my website to search engines for free services on the World Wide Web and have your site in the search engines before beginning promotion so as each view of your site is listed as a popularity vote.  This will include submit my URL to MSN and submit web page in Google as well as other search engine sites.

Promotional marketing will be accomplished through a combination of methods, just as you will use a combination of techniques and softwares.  There are many softwares on the market that assist with record keeping and customer records as well as softwares that are duplicate content checkers which are a must when it comes search engine listings.  The search engines will penalize sites that have duplicate content to others just as they will to the marketer that has duplicate page content within his site.  Techniques may include anything from how to go about marketing with the most successful technology or it may be the use of search engine tools.  The possibilities are endless.  There are many promotional advertising methods such as search engine optimization, pay per click, email campaigning, forum posting, social sites, banner exchanges, text ad exchanges, traffic exchanges, article submission, reviews and more.  The list goes on.  There is public pod cast such as a radio station and there is video campaigning such as a television commercial.  The World Wide Web has by far become the place for businesses to market of every industry.  Submit my website to search engines for free,   submit my URL to MSN and submit web page in Google and promote.

Pay per click is a campaign that is one of the paid forms of advertising among the search engines.  It is the advertising of through the selection of keywords to represent your business or company.  It is the successful winning of the keyword phrases through bidding in an auction held in through the search engines.  The marketer is to bid an amount of cost per click and the successful marketer will be placed in the top positions of the sponsored or featured advertisement.  With pay per click you do not need to use submit my website to search engines for free services as it is a paid listing.

There are many pay per click experts and among them you may wish to contact:


This is a more “home” type atmosphere, however, very professional and success rates high


This is another established pay per click expert that has had results with online businesses

With either site you can gather information and get a well rounded idea of what pay per click campaigning entails and what it is all about.

Do not become dissatisfied if you are not able successful with results immediately.  Marketing takes time; time to build the knowledge and time to practice the art.  It is not something that one can expect to jump into and achieve overnight success in.  It may include failure, but it definitely will include the expansion of successful campaigns.  Track all campaigns and know where your successes are.  Be ready to improvise and to do not be set in stone.  This will include many trial and errors and will be the backbone of your success.   Remember to submit my website to search engines for free,   submit my URL to MSN and submit web page in Google before beginning promotions.

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