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Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 8/23/2009

Every webmaster seeking search engine optimization is looking for the best form of advertising to build their rankings in the search engines and to increase their sales volumes.  Although traffic exchange advertising may not be the best form of advertising in increasing sales volumes it does work and it can produce thousands of hits or visitors to ones website weekly.


Traffic exchange programs are normally free to the user.  It is a website where marketers gather to view one another’s business or product promotion helping each to achieve hits to their website and increase one another’s sales volume through interest to others business or product.  When an Internet marketer joins a traffic exchange the webmaster or affiliate will receive a certain amount of credits for joining.  With the credits they can choose to banner advertise on the free traffic exchange or they can chose to have their websites view by other members.  The viewing ratio for traffic exchange members is typically 3:1 or 2:1 for free members, meaning that they will need to view two or three websites in return for one view to their website.  A member can increase their ratio by upgrading their membership.  This is normally very cost affordable and the webmaster or member will be able to advertise up to ten websites a month.  A member can also purchase additional credits to have their website viewed or banner advertisements placed on the traffic exchange.


Is traffic exchange the best way to go about acquiring visitors to your site to improve you search engine rankings?


Traffic exchange programs are a very good way for the low budget and small business to acquire hits to their business.  They will be able to acquire thousands of hits each week, provided that they promote properly through the traffic exchanges.


How one goes about choosing the “best” traffic exchange or exchanges for them will depend on what they are seeking in a traffic exchange.  There are manual website traffic exchange programs, auto surf traffic exchange programs and HYIP traffic exchange programs.   One can get a quick overview and insight on the various traffic exchanges through a traffic exchange reviews site where they will be given all the details of the traffic exchanges.  These sites will provide reviews including reviews on the best free traffic exchange programs.


If a webmaster is looking for both visitors to their site and increased sales volume they will want to go with the manual traffic exchanges.  Through the manual traffic exchange other webmasters are required to view your sites for a certain length of time.  After viewing they will be required to click on a button to go to the next site, thus having looked at your promotion.


Many webmasters have sought out to build or purchase their own traffic exchange programs.  Traffic exchanges are very fast in growth.  They have a strong following just as they have built a community of their own.  Today there are many traffic exchange forums and blogs that provide information for other traffic exchange members.  Traffic exchanges are a great way to build a down line whether through becoming a member or building your own traffic exchange.


If choosing to build your own traffic exchange there are a few things you should take into consideration. Traffic exchanges owners need to be available daily.  They will have sites to approve and questions from members to answer.  Everything should be automated on the website with the exception of these two actions.  You will need to approve each embers site and you will need to answer support tickets.  Finding a professional traffic exchange script to build your traffic exchange with is fairly easy. You will obviously want to look for a professional traffic exchange script that provides good features and offers support to you.    Ventrino Software LLC is one such place you may consider when looking for a professional traffic exchange script.  Ventino Software scripts are one of the most popular traffic professional traffic exchange script sites on the Internet.  Ventino Software scripts were written by the authors of the first traffic exchange to hit the Internet, have a wide range of features, and offer an easy integration than most business scripts.  Ventino Software scripts can have you in a profit the day of launch.  The company offers support and a forum in which other script owners can gather to ask questions and support one another.


Some of the many features of the professional traffic exchange script will include display ads on external sites for extra credits, banner lite allowing you to sell the banner impressions on your site to your members, customize text adverts with a simple design editor, solo emails, maximum daily clicks, link tracker, paid to click, affiliate program builder, URL delay, first page auction, surfbar shoutbox for inter member communication, controlled rotation, adclicker feature, affiliate program builder,  chose manual or automatic surf or both, anti cheat protection, automated PayPal subscription and many others.  The features that a traffic exchange script could have are many and as a traffic exchange owner you will want to make sure you go with a script that will build the best functional and productive site on the World Wide Web.


A professional traffic exchange script is by far the best choice when building you traffic exchange site.  The better the site the more marketers will be drawn to join and the longer they will stay as well as tell others about your traffic exchange.  Traffic exchange owners must be dedicated as there is work to be done daily.

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