Everything Old is New Again for an SEO Company in Los Angeles

Staff Writer: Brjden Crewe

Date: 8.30.2012


If you’ve been paying attention to Twitter streams, you probably have noticed an increase in links, tweets and hashtags linking to content about marketing. It’s a very popular concept these days because you have to keep up with content marketing via social networking. But the concept of content marketing isn’t a new one.

Like fashion and pop trends, tactics used in marketing come and go in cycles. Today, we’re in one of those cycles. Though they may differ slightly than the previous ones because digital media evolves offering labels different opportunities to market their brand and products. But again, content marketing isn’t a new concept. For decades, content marketing has been a successful method if established well, but if you’re doing it wrong, you’ll miss out on helping your brand become the best it can be. So it’s not a question of if you’re doing it, but how you’re doing it.

Change Your Approach to Content

Before you approach content marketing, know your web readers and visitors because it’s definitely a factor in organic SEO ranking according to many SEO expert California organizations. When producing marketing content, how relevant your content is based on your product or service will help it be seen and rank higher. Making sure that your content is relevant to your readers is what will ultimately get it shared.


For example, The Peoples Natural Gas Company which was founded in 1885, published this booklet sometime in the 1940s with its foreword stating:

War-Time conditions have brought about a method of food distribution which is for everyone. You as a homemaker will want to supply your family with those foods of greater nutritional value by Canning and Drying in your Gas Oven those foods grown in your own Victory Garden. It is your patriotic duty to produce and preserve your own food supply for the year.

Did you get that? It states that “it’s your patriotic duty to produce and preserve your own food supply for the year.” This is a serious statement used as content marketing in order to convey a purpose. Having Americans grow their own food drove up usage of their stoves and energy appliances at home, which helped their business.

Today reading this can sound a bit extreme if you take canning food as a “patriotic duty”. But if you remember when this was written, most Americans considered the war effort and what can be done during the time, a very serious situation. For instance, many women stopped wearing nylon stocking in order for the material to be used to make parachutes. Food items like butter, sugar, and sandwich meats were rationed out in homes so that the country could deploy food to soldiers overseas.

The Peoples Gas Company used the current energy of the war efforts and created a patriotic sentiment that was used as content marketing. The took a situation that was already being practiced by millions of Americans already and created a movement that relied on their service as a company. Extremely smart.

So try to find a way to use content marketing that doesn’t just skim the surface, but gives a deeper relevancy to your readers and their lives which allows your product or service to serve a purpose. You don’t want your content and its usage to be forgotten quickly according to Los Angeles company SEO.

For one final time: Content marketing is not a new concept. And one hundred years from now, it may be different, but still relevant to consumers. So take a look at what you’re doing currently and decide if you can be doing it better. If not for you, do it for the future success of your business.

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