Evolution in California SEO

Staff writer: Jessica Rennie

Date: 7.11.2012



Evolving has been the key to survival for centuries.  As biology tells us, animals evolved to adapt to their new and ever changing environments.  In this way, a California SEO company is very much like the evolving animals and search engine sites like Google is very much like the new and ever changing animals’ environments.


An example of animal evolution can come from whales.  Paleontologists have found fossil evidence that whales used to be land animals.  It is believed that these marine mammals have the ancestors of land mammals based on a few facts: whales need to breathe air, they have vertical movement in their spines much like land animals that run do, and whales have bones in their fins that are characteristic of the bones land animals have.


The reason for this evolution is still up in the air.  In fact, some scientists wonder if the evolution went backwards.  The most reasonable explanation for this evolution is the same answer to many evolutions; the environment was changing so the animals had to, too, in order to adapt and survive.


While they may not be as drastic as going from land to water like the whales, California SEO has to adapt with recent changes, too, in order to survive and compete with the new environment.  For SEO, which is short for search engine optimization, the environment is the Internet.  If we continue with the analogy, the Internet is the entire world and SEO is native to certain parts of this world – search engines to be general.  More specifically, native to Google, Bing, and Yahoo while whales are found in water but more specifically, native in both salt and fresh water depending on the exact breed of whale.


While the change in water temperature sends whales to migrate toward coastal shores, the change in Google has led Los Angeles marketing companies to change direction as well.  The change in Google is not with temperature; however, its change resides in an evolution of its algorithms which means SEO must evolve as well in order to survive.


SEO does not need to grow flippers and fins as the whales had to but it must change its use of keywords and the quality of its content to adapt to the latest Google algorithms.  Ironically to the whale analogy, these algorithms have been named Panda and Penguin.  While whales may occasionally eat penguins, SEO companies can do nothing to destroy the Penguin algorithm.  Instead, SEO must work under Penguin’s rule to thrive in its environment.


The algorithm change is to make the work produced by SEO companies stronger.  The amount of keywords must be used appropriately and the quality of the content must be top of the line.  The new work environment is tougher and harder to reach the top of the food chain but the result is a truly amazing company work ethic.


Evolution has lead to more refined, stronger, and all around better animals.  SEO is taking a lesson in this evolution to also become more refined, stronger, and all around better.  The point to get from all of this is that environments are constantly changing and whether you are an animal or a large company, you must adapt to the changes in order to survive.  As the saying goes, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, a lesson that has been well learned by whales and is being learned by the SEO marketing firms.

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