Through Facebook advertising, your business can place image banners on the social media giant Facebook to advertise your services and products.

Ads within Facebook function differently than other web ads outside of the social media outlet. For one, the ad only gets exposure within Facebook and to the people using it. This means that those not using Facebook or those who don’t even have a Facebook account cannot see your Facebook ad.

Another thing to keep in mind about Facebook ads is that this is not the option to look into for immediate sales. Very few Facebook users will click on your ad with the instant intent to buy. The advantage to Facebook ads lie with building and creating relationships with its users, who click on your ad to see if they will purchase your wares in the future, as opposed to this instant. Regularly update your ads with new products so you can keep your customer base engaged. In order to successfully advertise on Facebook, recognize that most users will not be ready to buy right now, but may be open to it later.

One of the great features of Facebook is its power to centralize your target audience. Although, when creating your Facebook ad, it’s tempting to what to reach out to everyone in the world, this is only cost you more money that it’s worth.

facebook ad

On Facebook, users are willing give their basic information, such as:

  • Geography
  • Age,
  • Gender,
  • Interests,
  • Education,
  • Relationship status

This information can be used towards targeting your audience with adspace. Therefore, furbishing a great number of Facebook ads to a smaller audience can be your key towards increased conversion rates. This is because, although your target audience is smaller on Facebook, they will much more likely to engage with your product than just any stranger on the internet.

Before you try selling to your would-be customers on Facebook, try to connect and be friends with users first. This will require that your business builds a page that is regularly updated and gets “likes” or followers. These followers are the folks you should like be targeting the most in your marketing efforts.

Creating events on Facebook is also another way to keep your followers engaged. Once users RSVP, you can start having direct relationships with them, answering their questions or responding to comments with your own expertise. Once they RSVP to an event, you can send them a private message, welcoming them to the community. This is key to building a lasting relationship with customers, as opposed to using people for one-time sales.

Before you can even begin targeting your audience, you must thoroughly understand your marketplace. Go through the market segmenting process. Ask yourself the needs your company serves and the niche you fill in the marketplace. By doing this, you more thoroughly define who your customer is. Once you have your customer define, you can narrow down your targeting criteria on Facebook.

Although it’s easy to throw a lot of money at Facebook ads just to see what happens, your Facebook ad campaign won’t be profitable unless you have a plan and a goal. The marketing professionals at Sticky Web Media can assist you in understanding what your business budget can fulfill and address your business goals.