Find Backlinks Using Clique Hunter with SEO Services California Companies

Staff Writer: Brjden Crewe

Date: 8.30.2012


If you don’t already know, link building is a big deal. And if you’re not familiar with Clique Hunter, you may want to familiarize yourself with the tool because it can help you with link building as well as showing you the sites that are linking to your competition that aren’t linking to your website and which ones to target. This article will help you and for instance, SEO services California, with how to use Clique Hunter effectively.


Getting Started from the Clique Hunter home page:

  1. Enter the websites that you want to compare into Clique Hunter.
  2. You’re able to enter up to 10 root domains with each domain in a separate line. An effective way to choose your list of domains is to type your keyword into the search engine and then choose the 10 domains that rank highest as a results.
  3. Click ‘hunt’ and Clique Hunter will give you the results in a table which shows the best backlinking domains for the chosen genre.

The results will show the relationship between domains and the different domains that link to the websites you’ve entered that even the best Los Angeles SEO company uses. Sometimes despite having a huge amount of backlinks from domains, some websites do not have as high an Alexa Rank which has less links. In other words, data can be interpreted in many different ways depending on how the data is used.

4. Build a new report for every website that you’ve searched for. You can build a standard report or more than one report, but it doesn’t show as many results in detail. Right-click and open a new tab on the picture if you would like to build a report.


5. Once you’ve created the report, take it to the ‘my reports’ page and it will give you all of the reports you’ve built.

You may like to create a new folder to put these particular reports inside. To do this, select the folder options and create a new folder. Once that’s done, select the reports that you want to move into the folder you’ve created as well as the folder itself and select ‘report options’ and move to the selected folder.

6. To look at the backlinks from one particular domain, you need to change the filtering options with each report and you can do this by clicking on a report, then click on analysis options at the top.

7. Choose “Update & Force Analysis’ at the bottom.

8. Choose the report once again from the ‘My Reports’ page and open the report again.

The most common anchor text is displayed here. But it doesn’t show individual links, so in order to do this, click the domain that is being viewed.

9.The report shows now, individual links, the Anchor text that was used each time, the page that it was linked to, and the ACRank of the page. This information can be used to look at each individual link in order to see the type of online marketing the particular site is participating in and another one isn’t. This can be done with blog sites linking them to websites as well.

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